Random stuff

Because I’m bored!
*The New and Improved Ultimate About Me*
Name: Tommy
Date of Birth: 15 November 1991
Birthplace: Singapore
Current Location: Singapore
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Height: 183cm
Heritage: Pure bred Sngaporean Chinese
Piercings: Nope, i cannot bring myself to pierce myself
Tattoos: Nope, this is equally as bad as the above
Band/Singer: Whoo, so many… let’s go by genre  |J Pop: Yui | New Age: Enya | Jazz: Emi Fujita | ???: Corrine May
Song: Book of Days by Enya
Movie: don’t really have lei, but i heart LOTR
Disney Movie: ZOMG, disney movie…Finding Nemo?
TV show: I don’t really watch TV but it has to be brainiac!
Color: RED
Food: Hokkien Mee Woots!
Pizza topping: Erm…CHEESE!
Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Drink (alcoholic): I don’t drink, I’ll stay sober till I die
Soda: Soda? Ice cream soda lor haha
Store: Erm…dun have I just buy stuff from anywhere
Clothing Brand: Haha, is Pasar Malam Clothes a brand?
Shoe Brand: I’ll wear anything
Season: Summer all round here in SG, so it has to be winter or autumn. Just a cold season
Month: June cuz SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!
Holiday/Festival: I like all holidays. So long as i don’t have to go to school
Flower: Nope
Make-Up Item: Not applicable haha
Board game: Aw man, I suck at board games. Does Mahjong count?
This or That
Sunny or rainy: In between, so it’s cooling and not wet
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla!!!
Fruit or veggie: Veggie definitely. I hate citrus
Night or day: Day
Sour or sweet: Sweet
Love or money: I love money haha.
Phone or in person: Well, I don’t think can compare like that. They suit different needs. But it’s in person for me
Looks or personality: Can’t I choose both? Ploiz??
Coffee or tea: Tea. Coffee is bitter
Hot or cold: COLD!
Goal for this year: It’s december and i didn’t achieve any of my new year resolutions T.T
Most missed memory: IP days
Best physical feature: My hands, rough from sailing and work but still nimble
First thought waking up: TURN OFF THE DAMN ALARM!!!
Hypothetical personality disorder: likes to ask hypothetical questions, ofthen in excess
Preferred type of plastic surgery:
Sesame street alter ego: erm…cookie monster!
Fairytale alter ego: Kung Fu master
Most stupid remark: The eys have ears. Don’t ask me how that came about. It’s just stupid
Worst crime: Break ins? I love climbing gates
Greatest ambition: Build a giant superweapon that’ll dwarf the all powerful nuke
Greatest fear: Spiders
Darkest secret: WTF? I wouldn’t be saying it here…DUH
Favorite subject: Physics!
Strangest received gift: A handphone holder that’s a piece of shit
Worst habit: Talk with my mouth full
Do You
Smoke: Absolutely not
Drink: Nope
Curse: Yup, quite often but I’m trying to cut down
Shower daily: Yes
Like thunderstorms: Hell yeah, so cooling.
Dance in the rain: No, you’ll catch a cold like how a magnet attracts iron nails
Sing: In church yes
Play an instrument: Used to at least. Pipa
Get along with your parents: Yes, filial son haha
Wish on stars: No, astronomical bodies yield no promises for mankind
Believe in fate: I believe in destiny. Everything in God’s will
Believe in love at first sight: No, lust at first sight more like it
Can You
Drive: Not a car but soon a motorboat haha
Sew: Basics yes
Cook: Simple dishes yes
Speak another language: Chinese? Not very proficient though
Dance: Absolutely not
Sing: Not very pleasant sounding
Touch your nose with your tongue: nope.
Whistle: Of course
Curl your tongue: Definitely but can you FOLD your tongue?
Have You Ever
Been Drunk: Nope
Been Stoned/High: High on crack? Nonono. Drugs are bad for you. But I do get sugar highs, very often
Eaten Sushi: Countless times. SASHIMI FTW!!!
Been in Love: Yes
Skipped school: Yup
Made prank calls: Haha, it’s a hobby.
Sent someone a love letter: Yep
Stolen something: Yep
Cried yourself to sleep: Is it even possible??
Other Questions
What annoys you most in a person?
A purposeless person who isn’t very self conscious
Are you right or left handed?
What is your bedtime?
Around 10 to 11
Name three things you can’t live without:
My bicylce, watch and good food
What is the color of your room?
Yellow pffft…
Do you have any siblings?
One very irritating sister
Do you have any pets?
A dog and some fish
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?
WHoa, that’s like 2 birds in 1 stone!
What is your middle name?
Don’t have one
What are your nicknames?
Geez so many, I dunwan to list them out
Are you for or against gay marriage?
Definitely against. Give all sorts of reasons as you may but it’s wrong for many other reasons as well.
What are your thoughts on abortion?
Only when necessary. I will not deny a healthy baby his right to live
Do you have a crush on anyone?
Of course, who doesn’t?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Nope, in fact I’m training my night vision haaha
How do you want to die?
With my loved ones around me and telling them that I’ll meet them in heaven
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?
1 Quite sad isn’t it?
Would you take a bullet for the one you love?
What is the last law you’ve broken?
I bend rules, not break them
In a Member of the Opposite Sex
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: >170 cm I like tall girls haha
Weight: No restriction but cannot be too pudgy either
Most important physical feature: The face. Body can change but face cannot.
Biggest turn-off: Agression
Yay, now it’s time to go for lunch, just nice haha

One comment on “Random stuff

  1. h says:

    "One very irritating sister"…your sister must be upset

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