Bintan trip

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but since I’m stuck at home might as well write a long entry to kill time. Apparently I didn’t drink enough in Bintan so here I am back home suffering the effects of dehydration and I can’t go gym. Pui. Ohwells, should be fine tmr.
Bintan team trip 27th to 30th November 2008
27th November Thursday
All of us were gathered at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in the morning and making a hell lot of noise. Nothing much to record here. Our ferry’s name was Arung Mendara. The same bloody ferry we saw the day before during our training and almost drove over us. DARN YOU ARUNG MENDARA!!! Ok, anyway once up the ferry I realised that there were no fixed seats. Darn. I couldn’t get a seat. We managed to chope 2 rows of 3 seats. 1 row we dumped all our bags and then we all split from there. I went to sit with the sailors on the other row but not on the seat, on a STOOL! WHAT KIND OF FERRY RIDE IS IT WHEN YOU HAVE TO SIT ON A STOOL??? I was hugging a metal pole for support and to lean on too. Ferries should have fixed seating. Hmph.
Anyway once off the ferry things were smooth sailing. Once we got our rooms we went to explore the place. Our preconceived notions of bikini girls parading around were totally smashed. There was hardly anyone around at all. Well at least at our resort. Our part of the resort was the cheapo one so i guess the girls would have gone to the other more expensive and classy part of the resort.
Lunch was at this place called Pasar Oleh Oleh. Food was decent and reasonably priced but other than that the place was a ghost town. Shops with no one visiting. We were all wondering how the people make money here.
After that it was hardcore volleyball all the way. Dinner was cooked by ourselves heh heh. We brought food to cook. DInner was rice with luncheon meat and campbell soup. Rather filling actually. Post dinner activities consisted of talking cock through the night.
Oh and there were water monitor lizards all around the huts cuz there’s this man made lake nearby. Scary but no one got bitten so just got to keep and eye out for where you’re going. Interesting haha.
28th November Friday
Everyone was awake by 8.00 amazing innit? Breakfast was at the resort. It was nubbad. International buffet breakfast. After which, Sa, Yenreil, Jeanette and I went with Ju Lian’s dad for an imba road trip to look for prawns. Why prawns? Because we wanted to go fishing. The road trip was immensely long and we came back waay after lunch. We circled Pasar Oleh Oleh, went into their local markets and stuff. In the end, we settled for sotong instead. But what we managed to do was to have a glimpse of local Bintan life. It sucks really. A far cry from the resort. Apparently, as Ju Lian’s dad told us, gov. linked companies bought over some land here in bintan and developed it into a resort. So essentially where we were staying was a Singapore protectorate. Food is Singaporean, currency dealt is also in Sing dollars and even TIME was in singapore time although bintan time was 1 hour slower.
After lunch we went to rent canoes. Yenreil and I in one canoe, Sa and Jeanette in the other and JL’s dad in the single canoe. And what are we doing in canoes? FISHING!!! Darn stupid idea I tell you. In the end, no fish. Even when Yenreil and I paddled far out also no fish. Sa and Jeanette were smarter, they went near the reefs to drop their jig line. They caught a few small fishes and got their lines all stuck. Frustrating. Sun was beating down on us and I was getting drowsy. Ohwell, we headed back at around 4.30 and went to explore the rocks at low tide. Jeanette, Sa, Chris, Yenreil and I were trying to navigate around giant boulders along the shore. I haven’t done that since the team trip to thailand 2 years back. It was damn cool but also rather dangerous. I was smeagol-ling around all the rocks. Some of the rocks we had to climb had vertical surfaces, those were tough to climb. Since it was low tide, we also managed to pick up alot of nice shells. They had cowries at Bintan. I was quite surprised.
After our expedition, dinner was at the resort and we hung around the area. There was going to be some party tonight with a live band and "sexy dancers". And alcohol all around. Sounds decadent but I had to see what’s it like. The band was nubbad and the sailors were all drinking Sex on the Beach with some complimentary drink. So it’s about 3 glasses for each person. I didn’t drink anything, I’m non-alcoholic and the drinks all tasted like cough syrup anyway. Yucks.
Once the "sexy dancers" came out i almost died laughing. All dressed up like school girls with pony tails and baring their midriff. The faces also cannot make it. They went around shaking hands with the audience while the band were playing their last few songs. I shook hands with them as a gesture of goodwill. Nothing more. Once the band ended they went up this seperate stage with 4 pedestals surrounding a central column and started dancing to terrible music and imba strobe lighting. THe seats were super comfortable. Some super wide sofa but I didn’t go into the area. 1. I don’t want to be associated with them girls 2. The lighting is going to give me an epileptic fit 3. The music was too loud. So i was sitting in a nearby tree house watching what was going on. Under the influence of alcohol (i think) most of the sailor guys went up to the stage to dance too. I was laughing my ass off at their moves. Soon, the other ang mohs joined in and literally squeezed the "sexy dancers" off the stage. SO they went around soliciting for *ahem. Bunch of topless sailor guys dancing around is an amusing sight. They were high but not drunk as they claim.
29th November Saturday
Today we were supposed to go visit the local town as proposed by JL’s dad. It was a long ride there. Around 90 minutes. So all of us were asleep in the car since we were still tired from yesterday’s partying. Once we arrived, I can’t help but notice the similarity of Tanjong Pinang and the streets of Bangkok. Small crammed alleyways. Clogged drains. Street peddlers. The only difference was the type of stuff sold. Tanjong Pinang is not a tourist area so it’s like a market. A real market selling dried goods, fish e.t.c. PSI there was damn bad. I could literally see the smoke particles flying everywhere. Most of us didn’t like the area and wanted out ASAP. I didn’t complain but i couldn’t help but feel the same thing. This is a place where I DO NOT want to be in for long. So after our lunch in some foodcourt there. If you can even call it a food court. We were on our way back. But we stopped at some shopping center nearby to look around. I bought a pair of $4 slippers, a pair of $10 shorts and a $10 fishing vest. Everything in rupiah since we’re out of the "protectorate". Oh and counting rupiah is a PAIN! All their denominations are HUGE! And i have a problem distinguishing the thousands and ten thousands. And the cashiers are scum. They look into your wallet and pick the notes they want. Bah! So much for consumer privacy…
Once back at the resort, it was volleyball. We were playing happily till this chinese ARMY swamped our spot. It started with 2 first. They couldn’t play but their service was too good. So we decided to leave game. Chris and Wilbur still wanted to play. Then suddenly, the whole platoon came out from underground. We were playing soccer when it happened and OMG we got the shock of our lives…Chis and Wilbur had no choice but to leave game too. They returned our volleyball after our soccer. We washed up and took a dip in the pool while turning on our radar of course. The only consolation we had from the Chinese army was that they brought along this girl with a very pretty face. Haha. All of us were flapping around in the pool doing nth until i suggested water polo. Jeanette found a very elusive spot with water polo nets. Turned out to be a very bad idea. Note to self: Do not play water polo with sailors. Know why? We almost drowned and killed ourselves. Yea, that bad. I had to nerf the rules to turn it into captains ball in water with nets instead. The game got more peaceful and less dangerous. Poor Yenreil got kicked by Gabriel accidentally in the Solar Plexus while Gabriel was swimming away. Knocked the wind out of him lol. Had to rest on a rock for a while. It was dark and I was playing blind without my specs. Tough I tell you. Soon it was time to go back and shower and prepare for the next PARTAAAY!!!
We still had time before the partay started so we played some cherades before the party started. Cherades was madness, i’ve never had more fun playing cherades with any other group. We had more than a fair share of retarded hand actions and soon were ROFLing. Words thought by yours truly heehee. Here are some of the words I thought of, i wrote them down on my notebook, see if you can act it out.
Electrocuted doorknob
Wet cigarette
Bangladeshi clothing
Drying wall paint
Claypot toilet bowl
Non-instant instant noodle (my personal fav. Nobody could guess it hahaha)
Lazer sensor
Mean girls
Aweet and sour fishball noodle
Kim possible (ultimate WTF, Jeanette thought of this, nobody could do this one)
…The list goes on… 
So all of us went to the party high and all giggly. The band was already playing and I lost track of what drinks they ordered. Very soon we found ourselves back on the sofa/beds watching the "sexy dancers". They were wearing a new outfit which would’ve looked much more sexy on someone with a better face. Apparently, the sailors drank more today. Drinking stuff like Blowjob, B52, Brain Haemorrage and stuff. I didn’t drink of course. And they went up to dance of course. And so did the chinese army. *Facepalms They were there too…sadly…they were horrible dancers all they could do is shake and they all tried to get the "sexy dancers" to dance with them. Gosh. This time I sat on the sofas for a while before retreating to my treehouse once the strobe lighting was too much. Xuan and Norman accompanied me.
The following post-party activities were madness. All of them squeezed into my room creating havoc. The most drunk one was Sa who had 5 drinks. She was everywhere. Jumping here and there smacking people and forcing ppl to drink her Jack Daniels (some drink with very high alcohol content). I was trying to survive flying pillows, falling people and stuff. It was crazy. I cannot emphasize more. I managed to convince everyone to go back and sleep off the madness as we had to go back tmr. Honestly I just wanted to minimize damage to my room and to ppl, tempers were starting to flare up so gotta quickly put it out.
Finally, peace…
30th November Sunday
Today we woke up early and went to play…PAINTBALL WHEE!!!!
But honestly, it was a letdown. Too few bullets and the fame ended very fast. All i remember was being shot by Guan Hua in the side of the kneecap and it HURT! I also remembering shooting JL haha. Nth much to record today. Just to say that on the ferry ride back, we kiasu abit and chiong into the ferry (which happened to be Arung Mendara again) and chope 16 seats on the upper deck. We are super effective haha.
So ends our madness in Bintan. Training resumes next tuesday. Darn

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