Life reflections…

Life is epic busy right now. Got so much on my hands… So many camps to go and so many things to do. But so far I’ve just attended a motorboat course at SAFYC sembawang. It has been an intriguing experience.
On the 22nd Nov, the whole lot of us were sitting in a little room with a weird teacher and some other CL ppl taking the course. The teacher was this old man whose standard falls short only to the sports dinner’s guest of honour. He was EPIC boring… …and he goes on about other random shit like how dolphins are friendly intelligent creatures and sharks have rough skin…No wonder the stupid course ended at 7.30pm. The motorboat course was a shit load of common sense. Things to do and not to do were quite obvious. But I must admit that I wouldn’t think of some of the more "obvious" things to do. Theory was bad, thankfully practical was better.
We got a nice instructor for practical. Nice guy, looks like a PRC but later we decided he wasn’t. He used to sail and let us drive the motorboat at top speed, which was not exactly very fast and tolerated all our stupid rubbish. The sailors were all able to master the manouvers very quickly and were able to do everything properly by the next day. Yes, it’s over 2 days. And at the end of it all. I gladly say MOTORBOAT LESSONS, GTFO MY FACE!!!!111
Muahahahaha, now tiem to go NSRCC to try on harnesses and go changi village to buy fishing equipment.

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