Random thoughts

In response to Kenny’s blog post about altruism I shall henceforth post my comments.
First of all we must establish that:
Humans are self-centered
People do things for their own self interest. I do what will benefit me. This is obvious logical thinking. If our prehistoric ancestors didn’t have this mentality, we wouldn’t have existed. The evolutionary ladder would just stop dead (i’m not evolutionist but let’s assume I am for this argument). If our forefathers were treehuggers like what greenpeace suggests with extreme prejudice we be, we’ll be dead. Trying to defend other species is incredibly stupid when your own survival is not guaranteeed. SO, in order to ensure that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens would exist, our ancestors had to make many self-centered decisions like eating other animals when we can very well eat vegetables as well. Satisfying my hunger at the expense of other creatures. Ok enough about prehistoric stuff, let’s move on to modern day self-centeredness.
Economics also states that people will make decisions that will benefit themselves.
Garh…I’m too tired to continue this argument. I shall continue soon

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