Life till now.

So far the days have been super rush. Who’d think life would still be so busy after promos? I can’t write everything out in full so i’ll briefly jot down the epic milestones so far.
1. PW is over. Sweetest 3 words i’ve heard so far…Or how Jar Jar puts it: PW GTFO MY FACE!!! OP went fine, all the stupid effort put in paid off i guess. Slide editing, script shortening and lengthening, nagging from Mrs Koh and all the life draining stuff. Finally it’s over, i can’t express how I felt that day. It was a mixture of joy and relief. But it was the silent joy. The one you just whisper YES! to yourself. Immediately after, I went out with Bahnep to watch Quantum Balls. Oops, I mean Quantum of Solace. Messy show but action scenes were superb. Thumbs for Quantum Balls
But all in all, 6 November was a day to remember. The day PW died. Oh and thanks to Mrs Koh. Thank you for your care and attention. Thank you for skipping lunch to listen to our presentations. You receive a one day pass to the Thomas Computer Academy. Lol…
2. Bangkok. Yup. I went there for a brief holiday. Actually I was kinda dragged there so my sis could shop until she drop. My Dad and I didn’t really have much to do UNTIL we found the Sim Lim square equivalent in Bangkok. No shit, I can’t remember what the place is called, somewhere near platunam i think. It’s JUST LIKE SIM LIM!!! But dun buy parts there though. The counterfeits are extremely good. I bought a pirated Spore game, Beng-style PC lights and all the pirated DVDs to last a week.
Ok, now for some interesting stuff. Bangkok is constantly jammed. Their roads and pedestrain crossing are simply packed. They have highways for cars but even the highways are jammed. So ERP go F*** off. BUT there’s this interesting thing that they have. It’s the Pedestrian highway. Yeah highways for PEDESTRIANS and it’s NOT packed!!! Ok, so they build walkways underneath their MRT tracks. So this highway is a raised platform for ppl to walk. It connects to the major shopping centers so pedestrians don’t have to touch the ground level which is packed because of the roadside stalls jamming up the place. I think Singapre should do this. Pedestrians take the 2nd level and cyclists take the ground level. Since there’s so much concern over cyclists sharing pedestrian walkways then build 2 walk ways! One over the other. Maybe we can’t build it under our MRT tracks cuz the places which are packed like Orchard, the MRT tracks are underground -_-" and nobody will walk from tampines to Pasir Ris. So why not just build overhead passages? And don’t dare the gahmen put up a pedestrian ERP.
3. Class outing. It was a simple BBQ with an epic cycle to Changi Village and back. Nvm, I don’t want to record what we did but what I felt. Over the course of 1 year. I think that our class has really bonded quite well. With the only obvious segregation would be between genders. But that’s natural. Essentially, nobody has hard feelings towards each other. My worst fear was NOT realised with the end of PW. I remember that I warned that PW would split the class as ugly habits surface and ppl can’t work with each other and stuff. I see this happening thoughout VJ but thankfully not in 08s66. PW actually served as a platform for us to bond together. A common hatred works wonders i guess. Instead of hating each other for ugly habits, I’m pleased that we were able to overlook each other’s weaknesses and work on our strengths instead. 08s66, simply commendable. I couldn’t be in a better class in VJ. 😀
BUT BUT BUT…so far, I think that friendships are still very superficial and won’t be able to stand the test of time and distance segregation. But it’s only a year, friendships take time to mature so by next year everybody will be brudder brudder sister sister liao.
4. My birthday on 15th Nov was during water training. But thankfully everybody thought my birthday was on the 16th of Nov, so I was pretty safe. Thanks to all the ppl who send their well wishes! Really appreciate it. And thanks to Tammy for baking me a cake today.
5. I cut my finger today by flipping a piece of newspaper. Epic retarded. I’ve underestimated the humble nespaper

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