I was uploading stuff from my phone and this is what I’ve found so far…

LOLHAXX!!! Equation that equals to… …NOTHING!!!

The new polo shaped detergent tablets! Apparently the creator was inspired by the shape of POLO mints and decided to come up with detergent tablets of the same shape. He also mentioned that the new detergent tablet works best when washing Polo shirts.

PHAIL pen. Stupid ink likes to dissociate. Needs a good shake before the upper portion will agree to come down
Cutest goldfish I ever saw. They were having this goldfish exhibition in Eastpoint, took a few photos, courtesy of my N80
This fish thinks its a frog. Apparently its sleeping on the bottom of the tank…like a frog sitting on a lilypad
WTFOMFGBBQ!!! MONSTER GOLDFISH!!!!! Freshwater equivalent of JAWS, in a tank. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
VJ sailing’s Open House 08 booth. We spread a canopy of sails across to provide shade. OH was from 10am to 2pm. Hottest hours of the day. Canopy really helped…Pure genius I say. I heart sailing team!!!
EPIC PHAIL mass dance session during OH. Turnout was pathetic and nobody went in to dance. Saddening. This is VJ spirit to you now. It’s on a untied bungie rope to the bottom now. Just like VIP
Fang Xiao with her puny portion of chilli. Might as well not take the chilli lor…Amusing though…




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