Honest I & R

I hereby declare that I have not plagiarised and all work is my own.
Rubbish, I hereby declare that I have merely paraphrased and all work seems like my own.
Anyway this post will be a detailed and HONEST I &  R that I CANNOT submit for fear of being thrown into jail indefinitely or sued until I have no pants to wear.
I can probably summarise my whole PW experience into 2 words: FUC*ED UP.
Simple, it’s screwed. Why can’t my group do a project that will only be feasible in 20 years time? Then how did NASA plan to go to the moon? How did Apple design the ipod? If they were all narrow-minded, short-sighted doofoos? I tell you nothing can be done. The whole world will be as static as Singaporeean politics, and as inflexible as Microsoft internet explorer.
PW should be scraped immediately and terminated with extreme prejudice. If not, the USA will accuse us of possessing weapons of mass destruction and crimes against humanity and annihilate us for our education system.
PW is a waste of time. Why on earth do we need to have it if it is only recognised in local universities? Gahmen making life tough for us? Me thinks so. If i don’t want to go to NUS, or i already have a scholarship to overseas uni, then I can afford to slack off for PW and my poor group mates will suffer and there’s NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.
PW is lame. The substantiation portion of the Written Report requires us to find endorsements from external organisations. And believe me nobody wants to help PW students. Singaporeans are AGEIST i tell you. Instead of looking down upon the elderly, the older generation looks down on their YOUTH. Ahh…what do they know about this? So troublesome… I don’t get anything if i help these students. I tell you not even MOE wants to help us. All they did was refer us to all their other departments and stuff. And MOE was the one who came up with this screwed up PW in the first place. WHAT THE HELL!!!!
PW is madness. That is all.

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