The first…
Woohoo I am super proud of my Blu-tack gundam figure. I know it’s not from the gundam series nor is it blue but hey it’s a big robot, therefore it is gundam land it’s black blue tack ololololol…Took around one and a half hours to make. Shit long and the opportunity cost was revising one set of notes but who cares…actually I should.
Blu-tack gundam specs.
13cm talll, 10 cm wide
Materials used
1 packet of Blu-Tack black from bostik $2.50 from popular eastpoint
1 piece of red card $0 From mum’s office (decorative)
2 Large Pentel Maxiflo whiteboard marker caps $0 picked it up in primary school (shoulders)
8 Zig marker caps $0 picked it all up from various corners of VJ (limbs, I wrapped blu-tack around them to form the arms and legs)
1 Empty Pentel Ain mechanical pencil lead case $0 picked it up during primary school (gun)
3 magnet counters from an old magnet board game $0 it was a gift (barrel and scope)
All in all I spent 2.50 and 3/2 hours to build it. Quite a feat eh? Maybe I should start a business out of this. Heh heh heh…
I LOVE MY BLU-TACK GUNDAM!!! Muahahahahahahaha

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