Mega day

This is  lag entry. Revert date to 29th August 2008 Friday
Today was going to be a long day. But it was going to be GOOOOOOODDDD… Well, today’s the last day of term 3, which means holidays are next week! But it’s more like study at home week, cuz promos will be around 2 weeks after that…sad holidays. Anyway today was teacher’s day too. We’re supposed to treat our teachers to breakfast. So we bought pizza, ah Hui’s mom made jelly. There was a box of DURIAN flavoured jelly. It was the most intriguing taste ever. Hooray for food science. HOO-RAH!
Thomas: This jelly tastes like…Durian…
Nichan: Yeah it’s durian flavoured, I know it’s weird.
Thomas: ??!!
Other than food, our class pooled our money together and bought stuff for our teachers. Ah Yuan and I went to Borders the other day and bought 2 books. PC for Dummies and a cartoon drawing book for Mrs Koh and Ms Lim respectively. Ah Hui took the drawing book to wrap and it looked amazing. I took the PC book home to crap on it (give various comments on the book) and it was crudely wrapped in raffia string used to tie the boxes of pizza together. Ling Zhi bought a necklace for Ms Ng and a really weird looking soft toy for Mr Teo, who ponned his own teacher’s day (we decided to punish him by leaving the leftover durian jelly together with his present in his pigeon hole. How diabolical, muahahahahaha). Nichan bought a faux bling diamond ring/necklace for Mrs Toh. She put it on immediately and she looked quite nice with it. lolololol.
The subsequent concert was epic phail. There were some hilarious videos about teacher’s epic phails. But other than that, it was bland. VJC is losing its flavour…WHAT IS GOING ON??? This is not the VJ I know!
Photos are with Ah Hui and Pris, i shall get them and post some of the highlights here.
After teacher’s day. It was time to spend time with Bahnep. Bahnep, minus Kim Jong Wong, plus Cheryl were off to RSAF open house. Honestly, I’m not very interested in planes, I was kinda forced to go. But they had some cool stuff. There was this night vision segment which was AWESOME!!! I’ve always thought my night vision was good, but then when we were in pitch darkness, I sucked. Never had I experienced darkness when you couldn’t see your own hand. Now I understand what it’s like to be blind. But we had this night vision monocles thingy. And it’s amazing. You can see everything. it’s like another world. There was this "hospital ward" in one of the rooms. Take off the monocle and everything goes dark, nothing’s there. Pretty cool. The flight sims were crazy too. Never knew it’ll be so hard to fly a plane. I crashed as usual. I suck as a pilot both in BF2 and in real life. I like to stick to the ground or on water. Air is not good for me.
Photos are, as usual not with me…
After our RSAF thingy, we were supposed to meet at some stadium at 2.15 We spent quite a long time searching for the stadium and when we finally found it, it was 2.45 and the bus left without us. GREAT! Nobody called us, they jsut left. I was lost for words when I was told that the VJ buses left. Haiz, so our gang had to take a bus to Eunos where we walked over to roxy square to eat ban mian where ahmad left us for home. At Roxy Square, keith scum left us for home after irritating the SHIT out of us by simply repeating the words: Hello and Bye.
Frankly, the Roxy Square ban mian is mediocre, I don’t understand why everybody loves it so much. Weird. Ok so cheryl left, Stigzor, Nemo and I proceeded onto COMEX!!! Muahahahahaha….
Comex was a mess. It was HUGE and teeming with people although it was only 4pm. We walked around in single file holding on to each other’s bags. Nothing new at comex though. Just that memory prices have hit an all time low. 4 GB thumbdrive costs less than $20 and LCD TVs cost next to nothing now. I heard this clown yelling that some 48" LCD TV with standing speakers and all in 1 DVD player going for $345. Geez, I’ll buy all his stock and re-sell them. Numbskull forgot to add a zero behind.
"Only for 3 – 4 – 5 dollars! Yah only for 3 – 4 – 5 dollars!"
Me: Whoa, did you hear that?
Kenny: Wot?
Me: That TV plus speakers and DVD pleher for $345 onli
Nemo: Siao!
Me: Moron must have forgotten to put an extra zero behind
Haiz, my quest for a gaming mouse continues. Razer was offering the Diamondback 3G for $74.90 (i almost choked and died). They offered me the older diamondback with "free" mousepad for $59.90. The old razer only had 1600dpi and it was white…so was the mousepad…like a fuc*ing MAC! I immediately erased it from my mental list. There was this uber cool mouse from A4 tech. Customizable weight, onboard memory, 2100dpi and hell lot of sxtra buttons. Feels good, looks good but costs $64.90 a tad expensive. Kenny also talked me out of it, A4 doesn’t really make gaming mice so better dun buy. So I settled for the old Logitech MX518 which was selling for $39.90. I was quite pleased with it Not the perfect mouse but easy on the wallet.
We spent a while roaming Comex before heading home. My legs almost died from all the walking. Didn’t have a proper place to sit since lunch…
So here were my bargains

My USB hub, my dad bought it for me. He went to COMEX on thursday without me. Thing about this USB hub is…HOW TEH F*CK DO I CONNECT IT TO THE PC??? Looks like I have to buy another male-male USB cable, sighs…

Here’s my new baby. Looks good. SPECIAL OFFER $39.90!!!
My dad bought this too. Sonicgear headset. It works well, but it hurts the ears and the jacks aren’t colour coded. WHY??!! Will it cost more to colour code it green and pink??? WHY??!!! Sighs
And also I bought this cheapo $20 drill for the sailing team from Carrefour. Methinks it won’t last a year, but hey it’s $20 right?
Now back to the present…
4/9/2008 Thursday
Life sucks now. Study study study. Worse than going to school. No friends to talk, sit at home and study. Haiz, the oly good thing is that you can sleep as long as you want and when you want. can’t wait till end of promos…

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