Photo slideshow

I was looking through my folders searching for unneccessary stuff to delete and i chanced upon many old relics, ok maybe not so old but yeah, young enough for this year lol.
Alright so I was bored, ok?
An inspirational poster inspired by Nemo. P.S. the photo was staged, he’s not THAT stupid.
HAHA! Bet you’ve NEVER seen a blu-tack protoss zealot before! So much for fan-art lololololol
WTF is Horny doing here? Anyway she’s modelling *bleargh* for the new tote bag, made from entirely recycled stolen sail bags and ropes! Going for $34.50 or for $1 at the Sailor’s pseudo-Daiso fair on the 8th of August. AND WTF??? Is that MY bike she’s sitting on? It has been defiled, it must be purified immediately.
My pet lizard, well at least for 3 days before he escaped. Found it along the incline pull-up bars at the side of the hall. I named it…malcolm. lolololol
Wierd Koi behaviour. Maybe they’re giving thanks to their "fountain-pot" god for the endless bubbles. Or maybe they thought it’s a giant pellet. Who knows? But I swear they were doing it on that day at that time only. Maybe it has to do with the allignment of the sun and the angle of the sunlight incident to the water’s surface, increasing the water’s temperature by 0.0001 degress celcius and……..ok that’s just crap.

You’ve seen Iron Man and Iron Monger in action, now meet….PSEUDO-IRON CARDBOARD MAN!!!! Ok, I was bored again as usual. Note the pile of junk in the corner of the loft.



HELP!!! YAKUZA IN VJC!!!! Calm down! It’s part of our Racial Harmony Day gig lololololol. Racial harmony day this year was a flop btw, no celebration, nth. Just some lame games and videos played in the canteen….Saddening. Hair kindly styled by Chris and Alyssa.


Mas Selamat in VJ? Nah, just part of my April Fool’s Day costume…

Nichan the only one awake during Econs lessons? NO WAY!!! Of course, it’s only on April Fool’s day… lololololol


ARGH!!! RINGWRAITHS!!! Lol, Me in the AAAaaiiiii costume with a wooden sword from cultural night. The suit was supposed to be for mum as part of his Darth Maul costume for sports day.



Yep, that’s most of the interesting photos I’ve found



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