When it just sucks to be me…

Haiz, it just sucks to be me now…Grounded till I pass my maths, which means promos, so no form of entertainment till 2 months time. Garh, I think I’ve lost it. I can’t study anymore. Yeah I’m setting aside time to read my notes and do my tutorials now but it’s all superficial. YOu think you know but you don’t. Throw a new question and I’m stumped. And I hate being an IP student now. All the pressure to perform is getting into my head. Sometimes i just feel like telling ppl to STFU! People are going: Aayyy…you IP lei, thought you very smart one? or Wha, you IP right? Eh, you lose to *insert ulu secondary school name* student lei. Mudder-sons….If you’re so good then why aren’t you in IP then? You think it’s easy? Why must I be compared to other people who have a shit-load more time to study than me? Who trains for up to 5 times a week and faithfully goes for EVERY training? And on top of that, who makes an effort to gel the class together by taking the time to plan activities, make some videos for everyone to reminisce, remember people’s birthdays to make them feel loved? And on top of that, who else almost single handedly planned SLV? If you can do all that and get better grades than me, let me know, I’ll bow down to you and call you master.
why am I wallowing in self-pity?

One comment on “When it just sucks to be me…

  1. mm says:

    Hey dude, just ignore those people who expect a lot from IP students. Our curriculum over the last 2 years has been so different from them that comparing us with them is pointless. Don\’t they understand what is meant by ceteris paribus? I know of a few people in my current class who behave like that. I believe that their behaviour stemmes from the fact that they never even had the intellectual capability and talent to qualify for our programme in the first place, and they are merely jealous of us. Treat them as stray dogs barking away. Kick them back, and trample over them for Promos!!!

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