Hope (2)

I was rummaging through my blog and I found this old poem that i wrote almost a year back, I shall add on to it, for today is just as hopeless as yesterday.
God has placed all of his hope on us.
And I keep none for myself,
People look at me and they do not trust,
a hopeless person such as me.
Who else can I be?
With all that I have and am,
Beyond the horizon I cannot see.
Nor do I bother,
cause it’s too far away from me.
I sit in my dirty little corner,
Thinking about who I am.
A worthless hopeless loser,
Never did I hope,
That the horizon would come any closer.
I begin my endless quest,
to see beyond the horizon.
My only hope that beyond the horizon,
lies the best.
After ages past,
I find myself,
Back where I was,
In ages past.
Is this where my hope is?
No, replied the sand,
it lies just over the horizon.
Right where I was in ages past.
It brings you back to where you are,
to realise that there is none.
I awake from my dreaded slumber
half hoping i would be somewhere else
but that hope has eluded me
and I still have much to fear
I look towards the horizon
just like in ages past
that chest of hope which lies beyond
was nothing but lies and scorn
I turn to my surroundings
and round me is naught but dust and ash
pieces of me I did conclude
as much as I am fading
Turning into dust and ash I must be
and the land of shadows drawing near
I consider giving up
for beyond the horizon lies my remedy
Is this where my hope is?
No replied the endless sea
It lies just beyond the horizon
Search for it and be at peace
An endless quest should i have to journey
to retrieve my remedy
where ever you are, my dear beloved
please return to me

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