I’m back!!!

Hello all, sorry this place is gathering dust. Hardly have time to blog anymore. Time goes by really fast and so much shit has happened. Happy shit and sad shit and shit that’s yet to come. Haiz… Well i better get started and jot down some important stuff before my memory fails me…
Spots Day 2008
08s66 decided to take part in the 8x50m novelty event. We were so on about it that we even went to design Star Wars costumes to fit this year’s theme. Nichan and I were ninjas in a AT-AT. Basically a huge gray box lol. But on sport’s day itself, we discovered that there was NO 8x50m. So everything was a flop and an EPIC FAILoneoneone… Anyway here are some memoirs of sports day 2008

Fang Xiao as Amidala, Peng Rui as Darth Maul and Chris (lolwut) in a mega failed Droideka suit

Group shot, Ah Yuan as Boba Fett and the 2 ninjas in the background, Pris in her cheerleading outfit and random people standing around lol


Fun fair shot…

Service Learning Venture

Ah…bittersweet memories. Crazy day of organising games for a bunch of rowdy lower primary school kids. Around 40+ of them. And Ms Koh just had to arrow me as the "liason" between the CT reps and the rest of the class. Basically the Sai Kang head, doing all the shit work. Preparations were fine, SK team had LOTS OF FUN shopping for equipment, watching Iron Man together (that was a cool movie, loved it ALOOTTT), and doing the sai kang…
Running the program itself was a nightmare, coordinating the games and stuff. whew bad ass stuff i say…Ended up REALLY tired and with a hoarse throat. But as a class we all had fun and stuff. It was a good experience. And good experience come with CIP hours :))))) Anyawy this event really made me think what it’s like to have kids. I dunno if the kids behave differently when they’re with their parents and things like that, but they’re really … … hard to handle. Anyway if I had kids, I will never patronise them. Any relatives who patronise them will get a cold stare from me. I guess its important for kids to understand reality sooner. Then they won’t be so emo or distraught when they hit their teenage years. Of course, I won’t rob my kids of their childhood, play all you want, but do understand that the world does not revolve around you.
Anyway here are some of the more memorabe SLV photos taken…

The first game Captuure the Flag turned out to be a crazy mad dash

Hui Wen and I demonstrating how to play the relay race

Best costume award!!! Btw, I helped design the pharoah…lol


Interschools Championship
Geez, can’t forget about sailing. We’ve been training like **** for this competition. Even had a 4 day 3 night camp in school to train. Camp in school for the night and cycle to NSC to sail…But while in school, we’ve been doing crazy stuff like cycling on the track, climbing the roof and operation STF (soap the field). Yup we really did put soap on the field. Sliding around like free. We put shampoo on one corner on the field and slide around, super fun but you get black stuff in your pants because of the synthetic turf. And of course, we did it while it was raining. You need the water right?

Anyway, it is time for our interschools yet again. This time we couldn’t bring down ACS(I). We’ve tried our best but it wasn’t enough. The wind wasn’t favourable for us. But I shall not blame the wind. Haiz…looks like our 8 year kill streak has ended. I feel sad that it has to end on my batch. I’ve been in VJ for 3 years and we have to lose it this year. Well, defeat is hard to swallow but we’ve learnt our lessons and it’s time to move on and kick our opponent’s asses next year. I guarantee that.

Well, the girls got their 1st with ease. And guys got 2nd. But it was the day of defeat for all of us.

Anyway, some photos of Interschools

Julian and I with Gabriel in the background, all ready to sail…

All the guys in the sailing team, 420s in front, Lazers at the back.

The whole sailing team, where would i be without them…

Ok, I guess that’s about all for the brief recap but there’s so much more that happened, just that I can’t remember. Haiz, getting late, nid to sleep. Tmr got 3 periods of chem tutorials…zzzZZZ JC life is getting VERY mundane…so i’m finding every way and means to entertain myself…


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