Interesting last words

I shall compile a list of interesting last words that I have heard (no, I didn’tand thought of since I am so bored of studying for the math common test tmr…

The adventuror…
"What does this button do?"
"Hey look! What’s this?"
"So do you drink it or swallow it whole?"
"Make sure you tie the bungie rope!"
"When it swings over, i’ll grab onto it then you okay?"
The ignorant
"What speed limit?"
"Wait, this is NOT beer?"
"Hello, what are you holding?"
"What ticking noise? You must be hearing things"
The asking-for-trouble
"Hey nice knife, anyway i need to borrow some money"
"Hey come on… It’s just a rickety-old bridge."
"Who’ll pay me if I stick me finger in this socket."
The Kay-Kiang
"THIS is how it’s done."
"Not so easy right? See, I’ve already fixed it"
The loser
"Why do I always have to guard the bomb? Wait, it’s ticking…"
"That dare is just ridiculous, I was just kidding when I said I’ll… …"
"On the count of three, we jump okay? HEY, DON’T PUSH!!!"
"Why is the EJECT button placed here? I might just hit it when I’m not caref… …"
"Well, nobody told me that if you pressed the red button then… …"
"I’m sorry, I don’t speak your native african dialect"

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