Singapore YOG

Hello people, I know that Singapore has won the bid to host the Youth Olympic Games but were you at the Padang to witness the ceremony and madness? Let me show you some pictures of the crazy atmosphere and place.

The above photos were taken before the results were out and there was some dancing and cheering by the people in green. Most of them are from Jurong JC. Most of the people from Jurong JC were from Team JJ the JJC equivalent of VJC’s SC. They were there to hype up the mood. They did a good job with the atmosphere but honestly I felt that the cheers were really really lame and they did "silent claps" like it was a cool thing. The atmosphere was high probably because a third of the people there WERE from JJC…as you can see by the sea of green.


The Milo Cheer Team…Actually they’re students from Temasek Secondary’s dance society called The Freestylers. Performance was very mediocre but a performance was still a performance and it didn’t fail to entertain. There was another group of dancers form SAJC who also performed a mediocre dance routine with very repetitive moves but it still entertained…

A close up of The Freestylers

Some celebrities came down to sing, such as Chen Diya (hope I spelt it right), some male singer and Asian Idol Hady Mirza. I didn’t really understand the chinese songs but I felt Hady’s song was well sung. Can’t remember what he sung though…heh heh

SMU’s percussion performance which was utterly horrible. 4 guys with drums hanging at their crum and the rest of the stage filled with tube top-clad girls beating cow bells. It was a horrible performance and it didn’t mean anything….


Photo’s taken after the results. Mood was high and everyone was cheering unlike the mood before the results where everyone was a little bored and tired of the performances.

All in all, congratulations Singapore on winning the bid to host the YOG. But I seriously hope I don’t get guard duty during the YOG since I’ll be in NS in 2010. And IF I do get guard duty, at least let me guard NSC so I can steal glimpses of the sailing regattas…




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