2008 Chinese New Year celebration

First things first, this year’s chinese new year celebrations were as lame as a duck. Yes it’s ASLAMEASADUCK! No official CO performance, no proper concert and no songs! Just some lion dance and banner prize giving ceremony and patronising booths…(The lion dance was good btw) We were supposed to have a booth but somehow it got screwed, lemme tell the story.
On the 2nd of February, Saturday, Thang and I went to the industrial complex in simei looking for a tau huay supplier. We found it after hunting for a long time. But the lady boss scolded me cuz I couldn’t give her exact times for them to deliver and stuff. So she told me to call again on monday. Right-O
On the 4th of February, Monday, I went to school to confirm the time the booths open on wednesday with Pris and Ling Zhi. It took a LONG time to confirm the tie with CT council and stuff but the time was settled and I called immediately but it was already 9+ pm. The man on the phone said that I should call the next day 10.30am to order. He assured me that the tau huay could be made in such a short notice.
On the 5th of February, I called at 11.00am since we have a break then. I gave them EXACT times and dates and they said they’l contact me later. I got a call from them at 3.30pm saying that they cannot supply to me already because the workers have already gone home.
I smacked myself in the head and called all the people involved, namely nichan, pris, Li Xiang and Peng Rui to cancel all plans. I quickly organised an online meeting to  come up with plan B. I almost panicked…ALMOST. I try to keep my head at all times
SO after a long online discussion, we came up with an advertising service to advertise for the stalls and for personal message dedications. Good thing is that it’s zero cost, bad thing is: I walked around school with a piece of mahjong paper with random scribblings on it like: I love Mr Tan, 08s55 NACHOS and stuff like that. Yen Reil was smart enough to pay to write I love Thomas…He’s gonna pay for that!!! Kenickie sourced for a loudhailer and was screaming out the ads into it. Later for mass dance, I was using it to sing the lyrics of some of the songs. Altogether, we made $2.70 for some screwed attempt to sell our advertising service. But we had fun and that was the point. It was a crazy idea to start with and we totally lost face but we had fun…LOL Haiz…what a day.
After that Keith, Kevin, Ahmad, Jing Xuan, Yen Reil, Julian and I went to Katong shopping centre to play BF 2 special forces. Sailors vs. Osvotians I fell under sailor or else the sailors who are so used to play CS will get pwnt so bad. But we still got pwnt, winning only 1 out of 4 games. It was a hard fought battle though. Igot Gold star 3 times and knifed Keith is teh arse twice. 
Then it was off to my house to meet Mr Man for the SSC. Finally our Bahnep project is coming to an end. We watched wierd videos till 3.30 pm before leaving for Eastpoint to hand him the stuff. It was a quick transaction and I believe all of us heaved a sigh of relief. It’s finished…
It’s Finished…
FInally, after all that last minute chionging I was quite dead already. Feels so good to get it off your chest. Ah…..Now it’s time for the Bahneppers to focus on another target…MUSICFEST!!! We’re making a video so watch out…
Ok to 66y ppl please read this, it was on my previous blog post but i think none of you would bother to go look so it’s here. I think it’s important that you read it.
" Ok, here’re some words of wisdom from your "self-appointed" welfare rep. I know I usually talk crap but this is kinda serious so read this and ponder over it. Now we are going through the "everyone is fren fren" stage. Very soon we’ll be doing our PW, group work and stuff like that and soon all the enthusiasm will start to wear off as each passing day seems to become more and more like the previous day. What we are going through is definitely NOT going to last (let’s be realistic) as we get to see each other’s dark side once we all get settled in. I have my dark side as well but as much as I try to cover it, some will still show. But let’s try to be forgiving shall we? In chinese it’s called 体谅。 It means to be forgiving and accepting of each other even though they may be wrong or have various shortcomings. (My chinese suddenly very good hor…) So let us strive towards this goal together as a class. *Cheers XD "

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