Recent update…

Okay, a hell lot of stuff has been happening and I’ve been really busy and hence this space hasn’t been updated for longo time…Okay, so here goes…
24th January…
Collection of O level results day…The day I’ve been waiting for, the day I’ll get my higher chinese results and the day that’ll determine whether or not my torture will be prolonged…But before all that, osvot decided to go cycling in the morning first before going to school in the afternoon to collect results. So it was a crazy cycle for Kenny, keith and i and a slow but steady pace for the rest, no photos of injured people though, didn’t take…Stephanie got a graze on her knee when she decided to mount a kerb lol. After all that pedal power, it was time to collect results…
Mr Boy announced very good overall results for our batch this year, we did well compared to last year’s pioneer batch of IP students, which is a good thing since they always own at everything and we suck at whatever they’re good at and do well in what they suck at…which is impossible since they don’t suck at all. Anyway there was a 95.5% pass rate. That statistic might make some feel at ease but not me. My heart jumped when I saw that…what’ll happen if I was that 4.5%? Oh crap oh crap…
Everyone took their results individually, Caitlin got a B3, congrats 🙂 , I relaxed abit, if caitlin could get a B3, what could i get? (No offence) Turns out…
I got a B4!!!
I never got a B4 for higher chinese in my entire life!
At that moment, I felt like the king of the world…Thank you God! And of course thank you 黄老师, the people who let me copy their homework, Kevin who also got B4, Shanny 老师, my parents and all who helped in one way or another…
After that it was off to keith’s house to play Crysis which i got utterly pwnt by the AI cuz I’m not used to it…MAXIMUM GAME!
25th January
08s66 class outing!!! Those who were free on Friday were crazy enough to play my crazy game…The Not-So-Amazing-As-The-Amazing-Race-But-Still-Amazing Race!!!
I can’t be bothered to write down everything that’s happened cuz it’s just TOO long. I’ll upload a video soon and embed it here bu till then…just look at the photos. Anyway it’s been good fun planning and running the event although the ending wasn’t what I expected. I wanted it to end off with a bang but it kinda ended with a pfffhhhtt….But no matter, we still did have fun running around singing, drinking wicked sick stuff and rubbish like that. I would like to thank all you 66y ppl for your enthusiasm. Seriously, I have organised other outings before and none of them are as HOT as you guys. *Cheers
Ok, here’re some words of wisdom from your "self-appointed" welfare rep. I know I usually talk crap but this is kinda serious so read this and ponder over it. Now we are going through the "everyone is fren fren" stage. Very soon we’ll be doing our PW, group work and stuff like that and soon all the enthusiasm will start to wear off as each passing day seems to become more and more like the previous day. What we are going through is definitely NOT going to last (let’s be realistic) as we get to see each other’s dark side once we all get settled in. I have my dark side as well but as much as I try to cover it, some will still show. But let’s try to be forgiving shall we? In chinese it’s called 体谅。 It means to be forgiving and accepting of each other even though they may be wrong or have various shortcomings. (My chinese suddenly very good hor…) So let us strive towards this goal together as a class. *Cheers XD

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