Leading a mega-madness life

JC life has been mega madness. It’s already been 2 weeks living the JC life. I find it quite odd that I’ve been here for 2 years before everyone but I’m still so new at so many things. The lecture-tutorial system is horrible but no choice! If you attempt to stay awake during lectures, it’ll suck the energy from you like a marathon runner drinking an isotonic drink through a straw (or it sucks your enery VERY FAST…) New class, new frens, new sailors, new boat and stuff. I still feel very distant from the JC people, it’s like I’m still in IP and everyone is higher than me. And I realise that I SUCK! The teachers always pass down this sheet of paper asking you to write your prelim scores or EOY scores for IP ppl. Everyone is getting A1 for everything and here I am getting B4, C6 for everything…BIG WAKE UP CALL!!! You piece of shit work harder if you want to stay alive…*slaps self real hard.
Anyway I self-volunteered to be the "welfare rep" for the class. So I try to keep the class awake by buying sweets for the class, try to gel the class together by organising games and stuff. If there’s something that i must prevent is the same situation as last year happening again last year. I do not want the class polarising into different cliques. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN…Also I hope to serve as a "quality check" on the class committee that everyone is doing what they’re doing and doing it properly. My only wish for the class is that we spend 2 years of our lives meaningfully and joyfully amid all the stress and stuff. It may sound simplistic but yes, that’s my only wish. And it’s not going to be easy…But I will try my best…and sometimes the best isn’t enough, as proven during my 16 years of history…
Anyway since we’re living a mega-mad life. I have come up with a few mega-mad new year resolutions.
1. Pass math EOYs with a descent score
2. Complete Halo 3 on legendary
3. Organise a class outing for every holiday aka minimum 4 class outings
4. Finish reading the bible
5. Spend me $$ wisely
6. Win the interschools 420 championship
7. Finish writing the rune poem in rune
8. Pon the day the sailors announce our victories (I hope)
9. Get a job at the end of the year, hopefully as a camp instructor or sth, I dun wan to work for some meaningless cause like earing $$. It’s about self-fufillment
10. Blow up a lighter
11. Jump off the 2nd storey and land on my garden
Things I resolve NOT to do
1. To get into trouble with YewHee!
2. Touch an itouch (sounds weird but yea…I’m anti-apple)
3. Buy a new phone
4. study using the engie method
5. Let my helm down during regattas
6. Be a dork
7. Do things on impulse like agreeing without a second thought
OK, now for sailing stuff. So far for the 420s, we’ve been switching around finding out who’s good for who, who’s got what it takes to be helm/crew. I’m obviously crew again for 2 reasons, I crewed before and have a wee bit more experience than others and second, I can’t helm for nuts…So we’re just swapping around, not doing much but everyone is more or less sure if they’re crew or helm and started picking up stuff from malcom, who is our coach. Again…
>>>Live the mega-mad life.
>>> >>>Live a life of mega-madness.
>>> >>> >>>A life of mega-madness worth living.

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