Orientation UNO!!!

Lag post, date: 4th Jan 2008

Ahh…orientation again. Bleagh. I was really sian from the start. Had this "Been there done that" feeling. Ok maybe if classmates read this they may say the classic: IP BAAAASTARD!!! But seriously, you do NOT want to go for orientation again. You get tired of it. And Caitlin and Perle were going: We’re gonna be super enthu! I love my OG!!! I love my OG too but I didn’t like the orientation. We got really lousy shoebags that tear really easily and we didn’t even get orientation shirts! Later I got further intel that the T-shirts came late and about this school protocol that we can only accept/buy stuff from the lowest bidder or the guy that offers the cheapest price. So apparently this company made both the shoebags and the t-shirts but phailed to give it on time. Well, at least the t-shirts. So the Orientation planners had to get the PE t-shirt vendor to rush down to VJ as the company still didn’t turn up on new year’s day. Terrible…What is orientation without orientation tees. And this year’s theme was Victorian Knights. That’s so cool! Especially if you’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Hilarious stuff. The bunch of us made up a new faction called the Knights of Ni! Where do you find the N in Victoria? In victoriaN of course!


Ok now to describe what went on throughout the orientation. Everyone was really sian on the first day but we slowly warmed up to each other. Eventually e were so MEGA-enthu that we WON!!! Ivanhoe ish teh 1337!!! Ivanhoe sounds ridiculous, supposed to be Ivan: Hell On Earth. Some dude wif fire powers like Inferno two long years ago. Haiz…same colour also REDDDD!!! Favourite colour. And I’m in Draco house now. Reed colour whoooo! But it really feels wierd doing some other house’s cheer other than Aquila’s and I have to buy new house tee. *sobs $$ fly away….


Met my new class and I didn’t get a good impression but I hope I’m wrong as time goes by. Enuf said


Wet games today, got really really wet. Splash water everywhere, use t-shirt to transport water, throw waterbomb, got hit by water bomb. Bleagh. But at least I didn’t play the shampoo game, that was really disgusting. Make as much foam as you can on your chosen ppl’s hair. Eeks


Sea regatta on Monday and Mega-mass dance on Saturday/tmr. More reprots then…And I have to finish the dictionary..Grr…


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