Crazy sp33k

For teh sake of all them neu J1s who might have porlems understanding what the hax I and a few ppl might be saying, here’s a little help for you guys…

The Dummy/Idiot/Retard/Moron/Madman/Deluded’s guide to understanding what that crazy guy beside you just said XD





ARGHHHH! – 1.Exclamation 2. Scream of pain/agony/distress/madness



Bah – Balanced, opposite of Imba

Balls of steel – Random exclamation, full: I’ve got balls of steel.

Bylat – Russian pronunciation of F*CK!!!

Bung – 1. Borat speek for having s*x 2. To go disturb someone 3. To get raped real bad… see “raped”



Canadian sniper – Variant of “sniper”. see “sniper”

CAMPAAA! – Exclamation when a camper/sniper/Thomas is spotted

Chenquieh – Borat speek for Good day/ Good morning/Thanks/You’re welcome/Hello/Bye, basically any formal greeting

Crum – Balls/Testicles



Day of Jubilation! – Full day



Engineer – Someone who assumes too much

Engie method – The art of studying by staring at books

Err…Umm… … – A manly attempt to silence a crowd



Fambly – Family

F*ckery – Place where f*ckers belong

Fancy Schmanzy – Something fanciful and useless



Ga – Got Eg: Joo ga pwnt!!!

Gank – To gang, use force in numbers Eg: They ganking me!!!

Gi siao! – Ki siao, gone mad

GoGoGo! – Onwards!

Gung bung – Borat speek for gang bang

GLHF – Abbreviation for Good Luck Have Fun

GGHF – Abbreviation for Good Game Had Fun or Good Game Have Fun, use only when one’s inevitable doom approaches

GTFO – Abbreviation for Get The F*CK OUT

GTFI – Abbreviation for Get The F*CK IN

GTG – Abbreviation for Got To Go/Good To Go/ GaTling Gun



HAX!!!– 1. Derogatory term for hacker 2. Unbelievable full: He use HAX!!!

HERESY!!! – Something that violates status quo or is improbable



I am already dead – GG liao

I got teh 1337(leet) combo – I have a powerful combo

I need to hug an inanimate object – I am in distress, give me something inanimate to hug

I Liek! – Borat speek for I like!

Intellectual porn – Scientific reports and mind-f*cking stuff

It nice! – Borak speek for It is nice



Joo – You



Kaf*cking – F*cking

Kajong – Mahjong

KaPONG – Pong in Mahjong

Kapwnt – Pwnt



Lolololololololol – Used in place of actual laughter

Lollerskate – Roller skates/Rollerblades

Lolwut? – Hahaha, what?

Lagasaurus – Someone who is really really really lagging



Matherbate – Getting high on maths

Maximum (insert noun) – Crysis sp33k for well duh, maximum sth Eg: ARGHHH! Maximum madness!!!

Mind f*ck – To mess around with someone’s mind till they are utterly confused

Mod like siao – To modify something to the max

Morning! – Universal greeting irregardless of time



Ni! – Irritating sound



OMFG – Oh my f*cking god/gosh/goodness

Old man Lee – You-know-who



Papa Lee – You-know-who as well

Porlem – Problem

Pwnt – 1. Ownt 2.Ownt with PAAAINNNN!!!!



Quasy – Crazy Pronounce: Crazy with the Q



Raped – Totally utterly ownt

RATCHAAAA! – Russian pronunciation for Medic, also means nid help NOWWW

Reprot – Borat speek for Report



SCUM!!! – Derogatory term, an insult

Son-of-a-father-of-an-idiot – You are teh idiot

Son-of-a-Premchand – Derogatory term

Sniep – Snipe (note that Sniep is NOT a typo)

Spaseeba – Thanks in Russian

Spum – Spam



Teh – The (note that Teh is NOT a typo)

This is madness!!! – Random exclamation

Thirty four fifty – Random price

This is SPARTAAAA!!! – Random exclamation



UUhh! – Self censored swear, usually accompanied with both hands cupped in a L-shape



(nothing for teh moment)



Wongness – Concept of Wong: Manliness

Wong already – Wrong liaoz

Wong flux – Application of Fleming’s L.H.R to the movement of a irritant between 2 Wongs (Wong flux)

Wot – What?

WTF – What the F*ck??!!

WTH – What the HAX??!! / What the hell??!!

WTFOMFGBBQ – What the F*ck, Oh my F*cking God, BBQ



(Nothing for teh moment)



Yapan – Japan



ZOMFG – ZOh My F*cking Gosh/God

ZOMG – Zoh My Gosh/God

Zor – Used at ends of some words Eg. Pwnzor

>>>Hoped you found it useful

3 comments on “Crazy sp33k

  1. Jarrett says:

    lolz0r hi thomas, maybe you\’ll say some of these things when you\’re high on sugar =P. Anyway, if you didn\’t read this before you blog the next 3 entries, you should really get a chatb0xz0r instead of a commentb0xz0r

  2. Kenny says:

    khram is spelt wongly alrd….

  3. Kenny says:

    and it refers to the rounghly cylindrical male reproductive organ, not teh balls

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