Childhood memories

Ok, saw Kenny posting about his childhood memories on his blog so I shall do teh same! I don’t have a really exciting childhood but happy enough…
1. My favourite hobby back then was snail-killing. Yes I know it sounds really evil but back when I was a kid I loved to do it. My dad was quite pleased because it kept the snail population down and his plants can grow in peace. So at night of after it rains i go running around outside my house looking for snails. Sometimes you get the MEGA snails or just some tiny ones which i just squish with me foot. I always carried a pole along with me which explains my fascination for sticks. I use the poles for various uses: 1. Use the pole and simply crush the snails but that’s no fun 2. Get your neighbour to throw the snail and swing the pole to hit it baseball style. (Once the snail landed in another neighbour’s house and I almost got into trouble lol.) 3. Play golf with the snail with the snail as a ball 4.Play floorball with the snail with the snail as the ball again. These are just methods of killing snails using the pole. I use to lay snails on the road and wait for the cars to crush it or put it under cars and they end up crushed the next morning. Haiz, now I can’t bring myself to kill snails anymore. I just kick them into the drain.
2. My Blu-tack man! Yes I have a HUGE lump of blu-tack at home that I use to play with. I make dinosaurs, monsters and protoss figure lookalikes. I was a Star Craft fan in my younger days. I would just mould and play with the blu-tack and forget about doing assessment books and stuff and get scolded. My mom confiscated my blu-tack man once. WTH? My mom confiscates blu-tack!!! Lolx. At that time the blu-tack was like some kind of DIY doll or sth. Played with it everyday. I love my blu-tack man.  

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