EOY reflection

Year 2006 after End-of-Years:
Emotions were high and some were in tears. Mr Yang had called in the class committee and the future PSLs for a meeting regarding the class. He wanted us to talk about the class as a whole and how we were doing and stuff like that. Many of those who were there complained that the class was totally not united and zero class spirit. After the tears, most of us resolved to do something about the class, take action and glue the class together as one big happy family. I sat in a corner and watched. Looked on as some shed their tears and some faces twisted in anguish. I watched silently, imagining what these people, the leaders of the class would do in the next year. I hoped for the best but yet prepared for the worst. Now that this year has come to an end I see that I was indeed, well prepared…
Regarding class spirit, this year has been a total flop, not only has the class polarized even more, it even has negative feelings for one another. Through the year, we have seen a few measly efforts to bond the class with pathetic results. Personally, I try to go for every outing but results are dismal. I appreciate the effort but honestly, look back and think whether more could be done. I sound like an armchair critic but I’ve had my fair share as a class comm member. Sucks to be us actually, so much is expected but we can only produce so little. All plans for class unity were eventually discarded and forgotten as each of us turned our own seperate way. All those who were with Mr Yang on that fateful day, you lost the battle. You had the zeal, the strength to carry on but once the war began, slowly, one by one, you discarded your arms and surrendered yourself over, including me…
IP life has been an eye opener. Let’s you see the real world, what’s out there and what to expect. Other than an eye opener, IP has allowed me to grow emotionally and of course physically if not i’d still be 178 cm tall. So many things in IP that shaped who I am, the people, the incidents, the lessons, so many things. It’s been botha pleasure as well as a pain studying in the IP. Well, pleasure and as well as pain is good isn’t it? So IP is good? Can’t say for sure and you’ll sure as hell never hear me say that IP is good. Bittersweet experience I say. But if you ask me if I would go through the IP again I’d say no, then beat the crap outta you for asking

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