December stuff

MSN spaces was down for a few days and my internet connection was down as well. Lots of things to talk about but so little time…
1. Went to Ah Fat’s Kelong with the sailing team from the 8-11th December. Had a hell lot of fun. Lots of taman and kuning fish to catch…Caught a few red snappers too. Tiny ones though and some tiny garfish. The garfish were teh best. Delicious, easy to scale and gut. It nice! I Liek! And yep had to scale and gut them yerself. Toilets were teh ultimate. SHiting into the sea is definitely not a pleasant idea and seeing someone’s shit float by while fishing at the other side of the kelong is NOT a pleasant sight. SInce it was the monsoon season, it was raining half the time and we were indoors playing mahjong, bridge, game of life, taiti or texas holdem. Everyone was complaining about the conditions but when we got home, I kinda miss the kelong…Look forward to going back, but definitely not soon.
2. Went to YF camp from the 17-20th Dec. Learnt about being accountable to each other and being a guardian of God’s house aka helping one another grow in the Lord. Crazy games such as the Underground Church was memorable especially when one of the torturers wearing a bionicle mask was yelling at you to do wierd stuff. There was CTF too with water bombs COOL! I captured a flag whee!
3. Went to Gelare for "class outing" with 11 ppl. Met up for Bahnep, ate Gelare, then we went to play LAN. On the whole, My team: Keith, Kevin and I pwnt the other team: Kenny, Ahmad and Wong at BF2: Special forces and at COD4. I was so pleased with myself. (Happy face)
That was probably how i spent teh holidays other than loafing around and wallowing in a mixture of dust and tears of boredom.

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