I am Mad

Ok, ultimate spoof of I am Legend…here comes I am Mad.
I am Mad (the RPG)
Alright, here’s the backdrop. Once upon a time, you go to Banana oops, Panama for a vacation and got hit by a madman. Infuriated you join Sparta school and trained into the best Spartan in the history of mankind. Then you return home to Singapore and live in a HDB flat. Your now boring life includes sleeping in bathtubs, taking care of dogs which live for only a week. One day everyone suddenly turn into madmen because of a giant mushroom or jellyfish called High charity crashed onto earth causing everyone to go berserk. Only you are unaaffected because you got hit on the head by a madman once and therefore immune to madness.
RPG begins>>>
You are in your HDB flat talking to your dog which will probably live for another 2 days before you have to find another one. You hear a knock on the door.
1) Wonder who could it be
2) Think who is outside
You generate thoughts about who could be beyond your door. Since there’re only madmen around, the only thing outside could very well be madmen. You draw your scimitar and take off your clothes till you are only in your underwear. You grab a cloak and put on your helmet. You gingerly walk towards the door and hear scraping noises…
1) Open the door and see who is it
2) Push the door aside to know who is outside
You open the door to know who is outside and true enough you see a madmen scratching your door. He calls you a madmen. You tell him that this is madness. He then asks if this is Sparta? You instickively kick him off the flat and watch him fall to his death. You peer over te ledge only to see thousands of madmen chanting MADNESS! MADNESS! You shake your head. You walk back into the house and realise that your dog died prematurely and has resurrected into a mad dog.
1) Strike the dog down before it does any harm to you or your 42" LCD TV
2) Chop it’s head off before it can bite you or damage your 42′ LCD panel
You kill the dog and save your LCD TV. You sigh in a moment of relief and decide to sort your mail. You realise that the gahmen are doing an en bloc sale and you have 2 days to move before they demolish your HDB flat to build the 124th IR. You scream in rage and decide to take out your anger on the madmen that are gathered around your flat. You take your battle gear and enter the elevator and press the button marked "1".
You then…
1) Hum to yourself
2) Sing a song
3) Vandalise the lift
4) Pee in the lift
You perform idle behaviour and the door opens on the first floor. You immediately take out your pocket cross and start waving it around and watch as scores of helpless madmen fall around you. You deploy your GPMG and fire stakes at the madmen killing all who dare to enter the lift lobby. You then draw your scimitar and do a kamikaze through the crowd at the void deck but realised that it was void of madmen. You laugh and return to the lift lobby to find a single madmen yelling FREEDOM! in malay. You just bum him off but he insists that you should make a website. You yell,"THIS IS MADNESS!" but he is unfazed. He removes your helmet and hits you hard on the head reversing your immunity.
You say…
1) F***!
2) Dammit
3) Oh crap!
4) I am your father!
You swear as he converts you forcefully into a madman by making you pay 7% GST. You suddenly feel mad and yell,:I am MAD!!!!!" The master madman chuckles and fines you for shouting too loudly at the lift lobby.

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