Bored to tears

Yes, I’m bored to tears right now. I am stuck at home doing nothing. Planning the camping trip can’t possibly take up the whole day…Haiz, I wanna do sth BIG, that will take up the holidays but not as big as Sharon’s crazy holiday-sucking "RM". I considered buing a gundam modelling kit but decided against it since it’ll become a white elephant once I’m done with it. I shall list the stuff that I have done so far. One month is almost gone and I’m wasting my holidays away. Before the holidays I was stressed into madness. Now I’m bored to madness
Stuff I did as of start of holiday (3rd november)
I have…
1. Been to Hokkaido (1week)
2. Made a scrap book of all my various doodles on my notes throughout my IP life (4 hours)
3. Finished reading Halo: Contact harvest (4 hours)
4. Finished Halo 3 on Normal, Heroic x2 (unknown)
5. Collected all the skulls and accessed all the terminals in Halo 3, strangely I didn’t get the Marathon Man achievement. (6 hors)
6. Finished Inphyy, Aspharr, Myifee, Dwingvatt and half of Tyurru and Klarran’s campaign on N3 (unknown)
7. Decided that DOA 4 is an impossible game to play and realised that it isn’t just a button mashing game (5 seconds)
8. Sailed (3 hours)
9. Waited for storm to pass but in the end didn’t sail (1.5 hours)
10. Exercise (3 hours) <—I’m dissapointed with myself
11. Write proposal to Engalnd regarding Vsparks (1.5 hours)
12. Educate myself on the internet (>4 hours)
13. gone to sim lim to find crysis with kenny and buy a 2 GB miniSD card (3 hours)
Yepp. Boring life. I NEED A NEW GAME!!! Gears or war is terribly cheap now but I’m also terribly broke. The Xbox 360, Halo 3 ltd ed., MiniSD card, random stuff have really blown a hole in my pocket. I need $$ but can’t be bothered to work
Ok, now on a totally unrelated tone. I miss my blue Xbox!!! I have pwned and got pwned with it. I miss my blue controller too! I have given away my first love *sobs *sobs.
On it I have learned a very important lesson in picking the right weapons for the right map after being pwned 8-0 in halo 2. I have learned how to snipe and become a 1337 sniper. I have learned how to flank and other tactical manouvers that apply on any platform EXCEPT the cursed Wii. *sobs again. I’ll miss you!!!

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