Ahh…Back to Japan. But now in Hokkaido, the northern part of japan and it’s COLD. <temperature> (average temp) was around -2 degrees. But I had this really thick jacket that made me look like a penguin version of robocop. Ohwell, it did it’s job and kept me nice and warm and made me look like a moron…I only had to wear 2 layers in the sub zero environment. A long sleeve and the big fat jacket. And here’s to the good old listing of things that are cool and remarkable in Hokkaido.
1. Almost every seafood shop sells the Alaskan King crab. Which is UBER expensive! Crabs are in season now. High demand + High supply = Bloody high prices. And the crabs are all orange, which means they’re cooked. Some are still live but you pay more.
2. Warm toilet seats are a godsend.
3. There’s hardly anything to do there, low population and lousy stores. Actually they all selling winter stuff so not applicable in SG.
4. They have melon chocolates and stuff. WTH??? Melon this, melon that. Melon sweets, melon juice, melon chocolates, you name it.
5. Their vegetables are bloody huge. the pumpkin was say…20 inches wide?
6. They lead hectic lives.
7. Crab sashimi is harder to chew than an eraser
8. Seafood is ironically more expensive considering how much they eat.
9. Japanese phones are FTW! Too bad their OS are in Jap.
10. Japs go to the hotspring 3 times a day. In the morning, before and after dinner.
11. Jap soya sauce is FTW!!!
12. Think Water Babies are cool? Think again! There’re MOSS BABIES in Japan. Apparently, they’re balls of moss that grow! In other words, they’re ALIVE! Unlike those jelly balls. Them moss babies are everywhere in Japan. They even made a soft toy out of it. A green headed doll with a cute face. They’re even IN keychains. Yep in a little container that’s a keychain. They also put them in nice bottles with some gravel and a plastic plant. It’s so popular that EVERY souvenier store has it. I bought a whole can of them for $6.5, the raw form though. Cheaper.
Yup, and there’s this place in Hokkaido called the Ice palace. You get to walk in this cold room which is -21 degrees. It’s like a little maze with snowmen as decor. Then there’s a special room in the cold chamber that blasts icy wind and reduces the temp to -40 degrees. My jacket withstood it, everyone got frozen. Before we went in, the workers gave us each a wet towel, apparently you swing it around in the -40 room and it freezes to any shape. I didn’t even need to go in to the -40 room, mine froze in the -21 environment into a stick. It was really hard. Any harder it can kill.
Yep that’s all. Nothing much to remember, just that I had a snowy 16th birthday on the 15th of November and I’m lovin it.

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