Good riddance

Higher Chinese O levels today. Mega panick (I know it’s spelt wrong). Wandered around looking for my ecksam room and finally settled down in V47. Lovely place. I went early so I went about doing my favourite hobby, reading vandalisms. It’s quite interesting what Victorians write when they’re bored and stressed. These tables were apparently used for the A levels. I shall quote a few.
"Don’t come to VJC, it SUCKS!!!!"
"Is your a** hot?"
And a hell lot more I can’t remember. Invigilator came in late, a short fart with tight clothing. We all thought his voice would be  abit squeaky with the tight clothing and size but no….his voice was as manly as manly beach. A deep rumble from teh chest cavity. Enough about the Chief Presiding Ecksaminator, on to teh exam itself.
Compo was about you being late for an important event. Piece of mooncake (with yolk). Paper 2 was chicken, everything copy and paste. The 综合填空 gave me hope for the rest of the paper. Everyone thought it was easy, so I’m quite safe actually. Haiz, after the exam went to pizza hut to eat lunch and celebrate, Rhoda’s aunt paid for the whole thing and we thanked her over the phone. Went to Keith’s house to play then returned home.
After these 4 torturous years of studying Higher Chinese, I’m glad it’s all over and I want to say…

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