Okay, after a really long break from blogging, I’m back! One simple reason I didn’t blog since I got so much free time. 1. THE STUPID HALO 3 THEME WASN’T WORKING!!!! Apparently, Windows Live took it off and left me stranded with a weird looking blog with a white background with times new roman font. I paniked for about 2 weeks trying to solve the porlem then I realised that Microsoft took it off. Well done, hats off to the Microsoft team. I already hate apple, why are you doing this to meee???? Anyway lots of stuff missed out, no time to write so I’ll list it
1. Can’t go back to class T33 anymore, JC1s having PW presentations in our class. I made a video of the last moments of T33 with the trusty lair. Sad memories.
2. Screwed up exams, failed maths, highest mark was 65. Feeling abit weird. Part of me doesn’t care because results aren’t everything and I’m glad I didn’t spend so much time mugging and had time to enjoy myself which is what matters and the other part of me wants to slap the other half for fooling around too much and being so cocky.
3. Went for alot of "class outings" (aka >15 ppl, since >15 equals half the class, rounded off = whole class!) after chinese lessons which are weirdly placed from 10.30 to 12.30. And Mr Boy wants us to be in school like normal, which means by 7.40. I SAY THIS IS MADNESS!!!
4. The time was well spent, we made card towers using playing cards and YouWee! of course came to kachiao. "You all better use the cards and play this ah, if not I will confiscate it." ()&*%!?#@(#&^! GAH! Anyway Jun Han, Caitlin and I made a 7 storey and then a 8 storey card tower, awesome….
(forgive the shaky photos I have shaky hands)
The 7 storey tower
The 8 storey tower
5. Went to Thaipan to celebrate Kevin’s emo birthday. It was a joyous day but Thaipan is seriously overrated. The food is average and their "super-hot" fried rice is piss-weak. Dissappointing. Even their "famed" butter squid was just squid rings cooked in oatmeal and looked like melted sieu mai.
That’ll be melted sieu mai…ooops, butter squid for you.
That’ll be all. I miss my Halo 3 skin. (sad face)

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