Teh day of madness…

Today is monday and it is a school holiday, so what to do? LAN!!!! Well, that’s what kenny, keith, keith’s brother’s brother’s brother, miniwong, ahmad and I did. We went Katong shopping centre to play for 3 hours. We played BF2 and Halo CE. I didn’t play my best game for BF2 and I got beaten at my own game at Halo CE. Map was blood gulch slayer. Bah! won at 25, leaving me 2nd at 23. GAH!!! Pwnt, then we changed to team slayer with miniwong, bah! and me on one team and the rest on the other. We were whoring the power weapons and camping along the bridge. OUr team all had fuel rod cannons and rocket launchers. So naturally we won. After that it changed to some small map normal slayer. Teoh rape. I suck at small maps… 😥 (sad face)
After LAN, Kenny Keith and I went to beach road to go buy stuff. I needed to buy some army stuff for the sergeant Johnson suit for prom, Keith wants to buy a mask from a shop at the end of beach road and Kenny wants to buy parallel imported music CDs. So off we go. Took 196 there and got lost. But thanks to my 1337 navigation skills and Kenny’s random flashbacks of teh past, we made our way to the hawker centre. I didn’t find what I want (dissappointing) but Kenny made us walk around the whole place more than 5 times because he wanted to buy a pair of camo pants but he couldn’t make up his mind. In the end he didn’t buy no shit and made the three of us walk around for nothing.
So now it’s Keith’s turn to get his stuff, we got lost again and started walking down beach road to find his shop which was at the end of beach road, guess what. We walked to the WRONG END. We were all strangling Keith. We gave up and took bus 48 back.
On the bus we all decided that
Yep, we’re not going, we’re going to spend the money on better stuff.
So here’s a list of what you can do with 68 bucks.
1. Buy Halo 3 ltd edn set
2. Go for 2 $30 buffets (I LIEK!!!)
3. Have a fancy dinner at a cheaper restaurant and eat more and better food
4. Book a chalet at Sentosa for a few days <—Highly reccommended
5. Go to JB for a spin and come back
6. LAN for 34 hours
7. Buy a 8 man tent and go camping
8. Buy a 2GB mini SD card and nokia earpiece adaptor
9. Rent a bicycle for a week
10. Buy a ball and net and play for hours
Yep so many things that can be done with $68 and yes I’m going to do one of the 10 things listed here. Prom is FTL…

One comment on “Teh day of madness…

  1. Kenny says:

    hehehe…wad type of spin in JB??

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