Teh day of jubilation!

Finally for the first time in the whole year the Corporal decided to give us a full day without us asking for it. Well, of course we’re pleased. The girls are going to go bowling and team BAHNEP decided to tag along, minus Keith, plus the jellyman. Nothing to write about teh bowling experience. Just that I’ve lost my touch. And the girl’s lane was MEGA HAXXX…Their lane was like concave or something…the ball somehow always curves to the middle. Team BAHNEP’s lane was convex or sth…always going into the drain at the last metre…MEGA HAXXX. The jellyman pwnt btw…all of us were just eating our own shi*… …
Well, that wasn’t the best part. The best part was cycling to changi airport and back in 1 1/2 hours. From the original group, only Ah Chow, mini-mega Wong, Stig, Nivek, Perle, Caitlin and I were left to go cycling, the rest either went home, swimming or for friday prayers in Ahmad’s case. So we went to rest these uber bikes for $6 for two hours and we decided to go to Changi Airprot (delibrate mispelling). Relative to teh bikes I had at home, these bikes were smoooooth….(quotes Microsoft Sam: Smoooooth Ruuunnnning). After cycling for 5 seconds I realised the gears was set to H and L… I was actually surprised the chain didn’t spring out. Ohwell, set them both to H…Need to lose them fats. Cycling with our group was agonizing yet interesting…
We have a few medals to give out to some people in the cycling group…
There was the MEGA-road hazard who cycles in motions similar to sine curves along the path. And that’s no one else but caitlin lol. She was screaming and yelling the whole trip. She says that if she doesn’t fall it’ll be a miracle. She fell. After we went to poke fun at her by tailgating, cutting her lane, cycling VERRRYYY close to her, we eventually pull away and cycled normally, then she cycled off the pavement and fell facedown onto the concrete. Haiz…must be her sine curve, went beyond y = 1. Well, other than a little abrasion, she’s a-okay and back on her bike, after getting her shoe loose from the bicycle wheel spokes. NO idea how she got her foot in there…
We also had the road hazard’s "blood sister" Perle, who also cycled off a narrow pavement and fell facedown onto the concrete pavement. But this time she ended up with an abrasion wound on her knee and a bruise on her shoulder! Two injuries! MADNESS! I think someone Haxxed their bikes lol.
We also have the near-road hazard who caused 5 accidents…to himself and that person is no other than TEH JELLYMAN!!! Nuff said, he was so embarrased lol.
And also, we have the one who cycles a bicycle like he’s driving a car and that’s no other than TEH STIGGG!!! Nuff said as well, he was in front speeding most of the time.
Last but not least we have the medal for the most outrageous hairdo after the cycling trip. And it goes to MINI-MEGA WONG!!!! He was sporting a Dragonball Z-inspired hairstyle after the journey.
Ok so that was it, had so much fun…Must do this again soon, but no injuries heheheh…
Some photos of the two injured ppl and teh survivors. Quotes Kevin "I think you can see a trend here"
East coast birds are not bad too…
Injured people lol
Teh survivors lol

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