The EOEOYs (End of End of Years)

Ahhh…The EOYs are over. Thank goodness. A huge burden off my shoulders. After the physics paper all of us were jumping around cheering rejoicing…I was just glad it was all over.
Invigorate…was a colossal failure. Sucked at floorball, 4th place. Ended up doing the job that I sucked at for handball: the goalie… The blyats were cheering: GO FAT ENGINEER! USE YOUR FATS!!! Ok I may have gotten abit flabbier during the mugging for EOYs but DON’T HAVE TO TELL THE WHOLE WORLD!!! -_-""" Oh well, ended up 4th place again. Lost overall for invigorate. WHy am I not surprised…
Got pwnt by Corporal Bah! (aka Brian aka Keith’s bro) at BF2 and Halo CE on computer. Bloody haxxor, raping everyone with the stupid pistol…Anyway I was just glad that I managed to snipe him from the other end of the map blood gulch. Team slayer, Kenny and I vs the Premchands. Premchands won because Corporal Bah! was raping ouir asses and keith drove a warthog around our base and sprayed our face full of lead if we dared to come out of the base…Haxxors…
Anyway prom is coming, $68…gonna blow a hole in me Xbox 360 fund…(sad face) Gonna dress up as Sergeant Johnson from Halo CE. Making me cardboard Shockgun I mean Shotgun. Going to beach road tmr IF we have a full day off. The day of jubilation has arrived…

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