The day of jubilation!

Today is children’s day. A supposed happy day for children all over the world. A day to remember the joys that children bring us and to show our appreciation for them. But we’re not kids anymore, the 1st of October shall have a new meaning. This be the day where we mark the end of Language arts in our lives! Let the students rejoice! I have never felt happier on any other children’s day than today. FOr there shall be no more dreaded Language arts in my life. The subject that subjects all who study it under immense torture, almost to the brink of death. Nevertheless, all of us were forced to study it. Dabble in its evil ways till we become like one of them. Cultists who send their victims to the very brink of death itself and say: SCORE FOR LANGUAGE ARTS OR WE SHALL PUSH YOU INTO THIS BOTTOMLESS ABYSS (aka, get an A or we’ll retain you and whoop your ass for another year).
I shall write a closing speech.
"Good morning fellow students. I see many of you are wounded, maimed. Only God knows the pain we’re subjected to every week. When we took the oath to swear allegiance to the VIP, they never mentioned the pain it would cause us. They put us through two years of torture and to be tormented and mocked for another two years by our own kin! Is this what we wanted? NO! But still we dared to hope. The light is two years away and that two years has finally ended, our suffering has paid off. We are now FREE my breathren! Free to choose! Free from our former selves! But we are not without scars. Before this day arrived, they tortured us and forced us to do their bidding. They made us dabble in their evil crafts that has turned many against our original cause. But still, they will never be able to change our hearts. For our hearts are united against one common foe and now that that foe has been beaten, let us celebrate our victory! REJOICE! REJOICE! The dark cloud has lifted and we can now see the sun again…"
Let us all enjoy our freedom now before the evil hand of GP comes to enslave us all again. It is our destiny…

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