Journey’s end

My life has been turned upside down and everything shaken out. I have nothing more to my name. I have nothing in my pockets, not a penny to throw down a wishing well to wish things straight. Can’t things be the way they were? Why must the winds of time blow my way and blow everything I have away. Nobody knows who I really am. Nobody cares for who I am. I am just dust and shadow. The world is ending. My world is dying. Soon, there will be nothing left. I will become and empty shell. A ghost of my former self. Wandering along the lives of men. Invisible. Till the day I crumble away, I still live. Not for what tomorrow might bring, but for yesterday held…
I have nothing to my name.
All shall fade away.
I will remain in a corner, unseen
and where men cannot understand.
I will remain in the void,
with nothing to my name
I wonder what it’s like to be alive.
Is there life before death?
Or is there just death?
My road ends here. This is the end of the road. I have my knife in my right hand. I can use it to end it all right here right now or I can take a million years to make myself a new raod for others to trample on. I’d take the first option. There’s no point trying to create your destiny in this world. It’ll just be sucked away by those who do.
This is the end. You will not hear from me again.
永别了。。。 。。。

One comment on “Journey’s end

  1. Kenny says:

    "And to think that you will not be scared or surprised if I severed all these ties… This is the end!!!"

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