Your mudder so fat, I mean, your teacher so short

Going to school everyday with nothing going in but crap coming out. It’s exam season once again… Anyway I shall list all the crap I came up with before I forget it…
Your teacher so short…
that he uses a stool for a table!
that when people see him they ask,"Where’s Snow White?"
that when he go swimming, he almost drown in the baby pool!
that when he tip-toe, he only manages to reach the tip of his pencil!
that when he open his lap-top, he uses a ladder!
that when he hug a girl, he get sued!
Your teacher so small…
that when he take a walk in the park, Thumbelina almost step on him!
that when he watches TV, he only see one colour! (the pixels)
that when he go swimming, he cannot break the surface tension!
that when he types, he uses his elbows!
that when he goes underwater, he thought he went to disneyland! (H20 molecule looks like a mickey)
that when his bio teacher taught about membranes, he falsified the concept of partially permeable membranes!
that when he goes near a pebble, he gets caught in its gravitational field!
that when he plays soccer on a cornflake!
that when he used the pipette filler, he got stuck in the pipette!
that when it snows, he uses snowflakes as shirukens!

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