God has placed all of his hope on us.
And I keep none for myself,
People look at me and they do not trust,
a hopeless person such as me.
Who else can I be?
With all that I have and am,
Beyond the horizon I cannot see.
Nor do I bother,
cause it’s too far away from me.
I sit in my dirty little corner,
Thinking about who I am.
A worthless hopeless loser,
Never did I hope,
That the horizon would come any closer.
I begin my endless quest,
to see beyond the horizon.
My only hope that beyond the horizon,
lies the best.
After ages past,
I find myself,
Back where I was,
In ages past.
Is this where my hope is?
No, replied the sand,
it lies just over the horizon.
Right where I was in ages past.
It brings you back to where you are,
to realise that there is none.

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