Gone LAN shopping

Today was horrible. Teoh pang seh and then LAN shop got porlem
I shall recount today’s events in steps for easy reading
1. Roped in Jun Han and Kevin to go play LAN after LA
2. Decided to go to the LAN shop at tampines cuz Kevin say so, so never go Katong
3. Keith didn’t bring clothes so I went to his house and then we meet at the LAN shop later
4. While on the bus to Tampines Jun Han sms me saying that Kevin dunwan to play liaoz, so therefore Jun Han doesn’t want to play too
5. Keith and I were WTFing around cuz we were at bedok interchange already…RAH! So left the two of us
6. Found the LAN shop
7. BF2 graphics weren’t working properly, cannot see the terrain nor people, like a video game in its early stages of production.
8. Decided to play CS instead, joined a internet server. Map was Dust 2, Keith was CT, I was T. Keith got kapwnt, I was struggling to keep my KD above 1 lol.
9. Map changed to the one with alot of trains.
10. Both of us got owned, was totally unfamiliar with teh map
11. Switched to Dota
12. Played one on one with keith, I used storm spirit and keith used the new faerie dragon
13. Played to about lvl 20+
15. It was madness, all the coms died, Keith and I were fed up so we left.
16. That was my day…I’m never going back to that LAN shop again…

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