Korean porlem

ALright, I feel that I shall post sth useful today before I go and study.
The South Korean hostages are back safely and the taleban are 25 million US dollars richer. What are they going to do with their new riches? Train more suicide bombers they said. Alright, let’s see what problems and repercussions these koreans have caused. Their country is 25 million poorer, the money could go to helping the poor or building new homes and the taleban 25 million richer, the money will be spent on the destruction of property and loss of life. So a suicide bombing victim can somehow trace the cause back to the 23 south koreans. They should feel guilty as such.
As a christian myself i would like to applaud their efforts in trying to bring the gospel to afganistan. Nevertheless their doings have brought about much tragedy. I have been told that South Korea has banned all missionary work in Afganistan. It is simply too dangerous. If you still decide to go be prepared to make some sacrifices, even your life. I think the Koreans underestimated the taleban. they think that by keeping a low profile (by taking a chartered bus) will ensure their safety. The taleban is a terrorist group, they have their own runners and spies everywhere. Who knows if the man you’re evangelising to may be a spy working for the taleban? There were risks involved and these Koreans were not prepared to take the risks.
From the government’s perspective, what is 23 missionaries compared to 25 million? No way these koreans are worth 25 million. I think the government did a very kind yet foolish deed by giving in to the taleban’s demands. We all know how the act was kind but we may not know why it is foolish. Why should a nation pay for 23 people’s mistakes? They failed to anticipate the danger and ended up as hostages. It was a costly decision. If I was a missionary going to Afganistan, I would not expect to return alive, that is the price to pay if you’re a missionary. If I was held hostage, kill me and be done with it, although I might be subjected to many horrors before I die. I don’t want to be a burden to my country and the international community. Now that the taleban are empowered who knows what they might do? Capture more hostages with even bolder methods with better equipment?
I can only shake my head at the Korean missionaries.

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