Problems galore…

Postmodernity, pick and choose, mix and match culture. IP-ity, pick EVERYTHING, mix EVERYTHING but make sure you put them back NICELY culture.
I found it rather interesting that Ms Toh suddenly turned Aunt Agony during the exam briefing. She’s the root of all problems and here she is, finally trying to tie things up. But there was a point that she made that was rather valid: we’re not up to standard.
All this madness is taking its toll on me. Ever since last year. It never paid to try. I proved it again today. I just got back the chinese idiom test, I got 39 marks while everyone else was getting >90 around me. Am I not up to standard? Yes. I remember the first chinese idiom test. That time I put in alot of work for that one, something that I bothered to study 3 days before the test. And how was I rewarded? A failing grade around 40. This time I gave up, I didn’t bother studying and how did I fare? SAME, around 40 marks, or, a fail grade. Then there was this really mocking sticker on my paper, translated, it means try harder next time. I’m going to put in the same amount of effort that I put in for this test, nothing. I am not up to standard, anything I’m going to do about it? Nope, I gave up trying long time ago.
Example number 2. I failed the stupid bio assignment on the Turner’s Syndrome thing when everyone else is passing. Am I up to standard? Nope, not at all.
If there’s one question I’d want to ask "Aunt Agony" is why she chose me to be in the IP. I’m not the best person around. Being weighed down by the language subjects and SS and maybe maths. And my other subjects are just mediocre. WHy did she choose me if I’m going to be like this? Doesn’t she know all this already? I feel lousy, substandard… …
Problems galore

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