Cynthia brought two rubic cubes today. I saw the girls trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle but there was something else that eluded me. I wasn’t interested at how you solve the cube but how the corners of the cube are able to rotate along both the x and y direction. I never figured it out and it bugged me to no end. Couldn’t concentrate during lessons because of the stupid cube. There was something else that bugged the hell out of me but I shall not say it because it was an unintended consequence.
After I learnt about the Johari’s window and got mega-suan by that Alvin Ong, I began classifying whatever I did into those 4 windows. I began to learn how to tell when someone does or says something out of his/her "known to others but not known to self" square and if it offends me, I have learnt to forgive that action.
What about self-denial? Which square does it fit in? I know that i have this but I just don’t want it. So do I have it or not? Eg. People say I’m a bastard but I do not think that I’m a bastard though I know that I deserve to be called one. So does being a bastard fall under known to self and known to others window or the not known to self but known to others window? Well, I dunno I’m thinking about it.
So moral of the story, be more accomodating to people who did not intentionally offend you.
Though I do not take offence easily, today’s incident bugged me alot. To what extent and the cause I cannot say.

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