Camping trip details

OK, guys please don’t make it a flop again. Here’s a list of things to bring:
– Toiletries
– Poncho unless you want to sleep on the sand and get bitten
– something to play with/form of entertainment (if smb got a ball please lemme know)
– Mula
– Eating utensils
– Stuff that you can cook over a fire (I’m bringing a few mess tins so cup noodles would be good)
– Some form of weapon that you can conceal (just in case… you can never be too sure at ECP)
– Sleeping bag if you REALLY want to (it’ll cook you alive)
– Extra clothes
– Extra clothes if you kena dunk
– Marshmallows
Those who are not ponning school tmr, we will leave for ECP after school (arnd 12?), so plan accordingly and we’ll be breaking camp on thursday morning/afternoon.
Trust me, camping is like going to chalet, except that it’s free and there’s a freaking fire.
See you guys there!

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