Review week and the art of learning…

Review week is half over!! Only left LA, physics and maths!!! Woots! That means I only study for physics and maths! (LA sure fail one so dun bother) Anyway I came up with an acronym for review week! REVIEW WEEK = Raiding EVery Inch of Everyone’s Weakness Where Ever Etoh Kwai lans! Cool or cool! hahaha. Anyway I was reflecting on review week and I came up with this question: Is it possible to grade a person’s intelligence using the question and answer method?
Nong Nong time ago when people used to live in caves, intelligence was in the form of survival skills. If you had what it took to survive, you’re better and perhaps more intelligent. If you know how to shoot an arrow properly, cook, make a fire etc then you’re smart. These survival skills can be taught and are passed on from generation to generation. There was no written test or spoken test to grade the student’s mastery of the skills. The true test was with nature. If they passed, they survived, if they failed to apply what they learnt then they become food or a block of ice or some other misfortune will behall him. There was no questions nor answers involved.
Nowadays there no more of these survival skills, our basic needs are met and we have modes of entertainment. Intelligence is now based on how much you know and how much of the world you understand. Today’s knowledge differs from the past because in the past if nobody taught you survival skills, you could develop them yourself if you dare to try (those who don’t just die) but now no matter how much you stare at apples falling from a tree, you’ll never be able to come up with v=u+at or come up with quantum mechanics. If you can’t come up with these tings yourself then they must be taught to you and there must be a form of assessment of your understanding. Exams=examiner asks question and we answer.
Is it possible to know something without asking a question? (If I said yes then this statement is paradoxical, there’s only one logical answer) Maybe so, mabe not. It may be beyond our understanding. We have been brought up in a way that we are being tested with questions. If we do not ask, then we will not come to know. Of course I’m not talking about how we come to know whether our neighbour makes a hell lot of noise when he tries plays the piano that kind of no brainer information. It about reasoning.
Maybe it’s beyond our understanding. But if we could grade a person’s intelligence without asking questions, then we would not have exams anymore…
Any ideas how this can be done? Please comment or tag at the speekboard (it’s a link at the top right hand corner of the screen)
Cheers to the rest of review week YAY!

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