Roller Coaster Day

Today was really a roller coaster day… Full of ups and downs. I shall record them chronologically.
1. Wakes up at 2.30 am to study, eats ice-cream and is very pleased that he manages to finish studying what was planned.
2. Goes to school and realises that there is Chinese today. Bangs head on wall.
3. Realisation that Ms Low is not in school. That means we go home early! Fantastic!
4. Remembers that there is LA remedial today. *sighs…what to do?
5. In between LA, whole class goes to watch beatboxing performance by some guest beatboxer because Mrs Jay promised the Artery ppl that she’ll be there and we went down to the concourse to bet the subway cookies that we ordered and at the same time go watch the performance! Zey nice I liek.
6. Realises that nobody ordered a cookie for me. *sulks
7. After LA and arrranging tables, I learn how to beatbox a didgeridoo after many failed attempts. Yippee!
8. Got pwnt by a bus 31 driver. There were two bus 31s , Let’s name them 31a and 31b, both double decked. 31a came first and a hell lot of ppl, or a hell lot of juniors scrambled up the bus. Me and Kenny were shaking our heads and we spotted a SECOND DOUBLE DECKED 31 bus entering the bus bay. I ran to flag the bus but the bus did not enter the bus bay in the end so I ran back to bus 31a but the bus drove off with me running after the bus and waving franticallyat the driver to stop. The hip-and-cool bus driver with a pair of sunglasses lokked at me and didn’t bother to stop so I walked back to the bus stop swearing my head off. *(*&^%#)*&?@?#(*@?!&
Sheesh, what a day.

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