Music Questionnaire

Saw that funny music questionnaire on teh Stig’s blogzor and i decided to try it for myself! Anyway interface update by microsoft woot!
1. How are you feeling today?
-Chariots of Fire by Yanni
I must be sleeping in the chariot and the fire must have been put out…it’s raining outside and making me really drowsy
2. Will you get far in life?
-In the Mirror by Yanni
What the? So my life is a virtual image? Hm…life must be an illusion then…
3. Will you get married?
-Keys to Imagination by Yanni
Oh boy…being married is the key to imagination lol. I should go join creative writing classes after I get married lol. and why do I keep getting Yanni songs?
4. What is your best friend’s theme song?
-Halo 2 – Never Surrender
Yay! My best friend loves Halo 2! And he never surrenders after getting pwnt ten times over! Lollerskates…
5. What is the story of your life?
-Halo 2 – Ancient machine
Hm…I’m not that old and I’m certainly not a machine. But I HAVE experience with machines: Gibot heh heh heh…
6. How was primary school like?
Hell Yeah! It was the best place for me to grow up in. Good friends and enemies alike all over…Lucky got no orcs heh heh…
7. How can you get ahead in life?
-Halo 2 – Heretic Hero
Zey nice, i liek! By being a heretic woot! I can start now! DOWN WITH IP AND MzeroE!!!!
8. What is the best thing about your friends?
-Accidentally in Love by Counting Crocodiles (Shrek)
Yup I love them and they love me… …Do they? Maybe they’ll accidentally fall away lol (Lucky i didn’t get this song for the next question heh heh)
9. What is in store for the weekend?
-Granuaile’s Dance by Fir Na Keol
Well I won’t be dancing during the weekend but I’ll be dancing during helmsman week next week. Sigh. And who’s Granuaile?
10. What song describes you?
-Halo 2 – Heavy Price Paid
Yeah I’m expensice alright, very valuable. And I guess I’m a very vengeful person. Other’s will pay the price…geddit??!! ROFLMAO111
11. How is your life going?
-Requiem for a Dream
As I said, life is an illusion. Either that or I keep daydreaming which I often do but I don’t sing for the dead. The dead seems to be singig to me, asking me for a hasty return.
12. What song will they play at your funeral?
-WORMSONG (a song from the game: Worms 3D about a worm who saves his uncle from the enemy and wins the war)
Maybe I’ll become teh Master Chief and fight the covenant. Kwok-117 lolz. But my uncle certainly doesn’t need saving. He’s got GC power!
13. How does the world see you?
-Adiemus by Enya
Adiemus isn’t even a word but i guess it means good-bye. So people just love saying good-bye to me just as I like saying ciao to the world.
14. Will you have a happy life?
-England win the world cup
I guess so if I’m English
15. What do your friends really think of you?
-The Rain Must Fall by Yanni
Maybe they like playing with me in the rain but i hate getting wet…and maybe that’s the fun part, getting me in the rain.
16. Do people secretly lust after you?
-Enya Exile by Enya and Yanni
I exile the people who lust after me or they lust after me in exile? I’d rather exile lust.
17. How can I make myself happy?
-Atlantic crossing by Fir Na Keol
Guess I must cross the seven seas to be happy. HELL YEAH! I’d go buy a yacht and sail round the world. Anyone want to tag along?
18. What should you do with your life
Halo 2 – Flawed Legacy
I’m probably going to leave behind a FLOPPED legacy. Right now I guess I can go screw up my life.
19. WIll you ever have children?
Halo 2 – Impend
Guess I’ll have kids SOON! That’s bad…
Ok, now I’ll add in some IP related questions…
1. What have you gained from the IP?
Celtic Moon by Enya
I don’t recall learning astrology in IP.
2. How will you fare for review week?
-The promise by Enya
Well, my parents DID promise to wallop me if i flung maths
3. Does life suck in the IP?
-Greensleeves by Enya
Okay…so how would you like having green sleeves? Sucks right? There you go, IP does suck
4. What should you/I do to pass O level chinese?
-The Revenge of the Sith theme song
WTF? We go around flashing torchlights at bad guys to pass O level chinese? I guess you have to say "Prepare to meet your doom"in chinese to do well then.
5. What should you do at the end of IP?
-First Love by Utada Hikaru
Maybe I should go find a girlfriend after IP…or get an XBOX 360, nokia 5500, new graphics card, Halo 3 legendary version!!! Can’t get too many things though. the FIRST thing that I’d LOVE is an Xbox 360, any sponsors?

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