Interschools 2.0

Ok…this is a mega lag entry because for the past few days I’ve been super tired, busy catching up with homework and the stupid server is overloaded. Anyway here’s the reprot on the last two days of interschools…
It’s my turn to start sailing. Wind was starting to pick up at 9+, wilbur and elliot were cheering because they claimed they own in strong winds and the wind will probably kill off some competitors but i was sulking. Strong wind meant two things: 1. Mega-father boat speed and alot of hiking = mega tired but 2. The HIJ girl will die = one less competitor for Cynthia and Nicole…Revenge is mine or the wind’s…
The Laser boys will be having a hard time against ACSI, outnumbered and probably outskilled (more nats on their side) they will ahve to stand their ground to take the title again this year. We started out promptly at 10+ and reached the race course soon enough. The wind died. We were all drifting around slacking in our boats, some were even dozing off. Cynthia dozed off too but i was looking out for competition, ppl that i can follow and memorise their sail numbers. As wilbur predicted, the wind soon picked up and blew at around 10 knots (according to Mr Yong when we returned back to shore) and did a 90 degrees wind shift. WTFOMFGBBQ. Geez, what a big shift. Darn the wind, now it was blowing super strong and I reckon that I would be trapezing if the byte had a trapeze.
First race went really badly, just like all first races. Need to be familiar with the course.
Second race was much better
Third race was shit
Fourth race was slightly better again…
And when they blew the horn for the 5th race I was swearing my ass off, shitting 5 races in a day. My legs were burning form hiking already and I want to go home and zzZZ but no…*ing officials just had to have 5 races. If I could swear in Afrikaans, I will….Verdomde!
Fifth race was shit, as expected.
When we went back, we found out that we were tied with ACSI but if this were to keep up, ACSI would win because they have the highest positions. Situation was very tense but Mr Yong urged us to go home, eat and have a good rest and most importantly "reset" your mind. But no prizes for guessing who wasn’t able to sleep that night.
Lessons learnt from today…
1. Taking 1.5 hours to write runes on your tiller extension with tape is not worth it, it all got wiped off. What was supposed to be COURAGE FOR OUR FRIENDS turned out to become FINDS, so many glyphs came out…RAH!
2. That HIJ girl seriously sucked in strong wind, I saw her capsized boat near mark 3 as I rounded it. She retired from the other 4 races.
3. Some ppl are not as good as they look. Do not underestimate or overestimate your opponents.
Today was going to be a tense day. Everyone was on the edge. After rigging up, we went to the hut for a mission brief. The plan was simple, win the game. Suddenly the ACSI teacher in charge wanted to pray with us. I was surprised. We prayed with them and I hope their intentions are true.
Bytes had only two races today. It was over as soon as it started. And I did much better than yesterday. 🙂
When I returned, the girls had just left on powerboat to see the races. So I was stuck on shore waiting to wash my byte for the last time and to wait on shore for the results…It feels good now that I don’t have to sail the byte anymore. It’s like passing O level chinese. Always getting pwnt by the lasers because I have a smaller sail size and smaller this and that. No need to mention sailing against a 420. Ah…feels good alright, hope I go back to sail 420 next year, that’s if I can find a helm.
When I saw the team’s downcast faces I knew we didn’t win. I went to ask around and the girl’s said we lost by a small margin. So now begins the post-race war… Wilbur and Calvin both filed protests against ACSI, if Calvin won, we will beat ACSI by 1 point. Wilbur’s protest didn’t matter but i guess it made him feel good.
Situation was very tense. Calvin protested because he said that someone hit the mark and didn’t do the penalty till the next leg of the race. Eventually after slogging it out against ACSI, Calvin emerged from the protest room VICTORIOUS! And the cry was heard far and across the land: WE’VE WON!!! For the 9th time. It felt good. Victory is sailed…All the training put in, we’ve won! Although I didn’t contribute to it, I was happy nonetheless.

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