Ah…interschools is here again…I sure am glad that I don’t have to go to school for a week. Skip bio, chinese and most importantly…LANG ARTS!!! Muahahaha…
The day started off very well, everyone was in high spirits and the weather was good. It wasn’t the strongest of winds but the officials decided to raise the AP flag. Firetruckers…so the team ended up huddling under the shade of the trees and a 420 talking cock and playing cards. At around 2 AP flag was lowered and we were set to launch. By then the wind had picked up to more than 10 knots and a storm was approaching. The girls set out nonetheless with nothing but courage and determination in their hearts.
We then raced a nearby breakwater to catch the action but guess what? it started to rain! Heavily! Zomg… we dashed back to NSC but my book Eldest got wet. Sad…so sad, will have to dry it at home. The Lasers and 420s and Optis started to return back to NSC and we had to go help pull the girl’s boats back to shore, after which we went swimming! The waves were imba high and it was uber fun letting it sweep over you. Then again, they had to set out again, this time still with courage and determniation but also with irritation with the race officials.
We then raced back to the same breakwater with our binocs and watched the action. the 420 race was dominated by VJ ppl but the Lasers were more interesting to watch, overtaking and being overtook. In the end, lasers came in 1st 3rd 4th and 5th. 420s were obviously 1st and 2nd. why? because there was only one race in the whole day. poor sailors had to stone for more than an hour before coming back…
We’re winning
Two things that i learnt today
1. That HIJ girl is here!!! Rah! And she is MUCH taller than I expected, almost yining’s height…and guess who she looks like…WADEE!!! WTFOMFGBBQ…but slimmer(no offence) and taller.
2. Nicole is the ultimate megafather gossipmonger
The ultimate important thing that I learnt today
-NEVER bring a book to a breakwater if it looks like it’s going to storm…

2 comments on “Interschools

  1. Cynthia says:


  2. Thomas says:

    Haha…she got pwned in the end anyway…muahaha

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