Best week ever…

Wow the first week of term 3 was damn shiok! 5 days of slackness or trying to finish holiday hw…Wednesday Ms Low nvr come that means 5 free periods and we’re let off at around 11 or 12+. WOOT! Thursday I get to skip 1/2 of lang arts because need to go for some NUS lab race thingy…Details later. Then on friday, Japillai didn’t come = 3 free periods! Woots! We’re so free-king free!!! Wort wort woot! Ok details about the NUS lab race thing
Ppl in the team were Kenny Lee, CK, Donovan, Ahmad and me, some random team pieced together by Goofyteo. So at 11.45 we were waiting for our "minibus" to send us to NUS. We waited till 12.15 when this 40 seater Poh Lee bus came. (it’s always poh lee, dun geddit…) the bus was supposed to come at 12.15 so CK went to check with the driver anyway. Guess what…It WAS the bus! Our "minibus" grew into a 40 seater bus to fit 5 of us inside??? LAWL! Waste of school funds but I’m not complaining…Damn shiok. I was reading Eldest by Mr Paolini on the way there.
Once we arrived, we drew many stares as only 5 of us emerged from the 40 seater bus…there were 12 schools there, all IP and mostly geeks and foreign talents. My pal from Changkat How Yi was there representing NUS math and science school and mugging away with his team members. I think the VIPERS (that’s our gp name thanks to Goofy) were the only ones who didn’t bring reference books or any sort. Our Graphic calculators will pull us through. Instructions and briefings were given and we were on our way with the starting horn sounding really like a sailing regatta air horn. Sent shivers down me spine…
First station was a robotics thing with us having to move a robot that sat on three wheels on each side, the robot was circular btw…and geez did donovan have a hard time moving it around with a joystick.
Second station was a car thingy where we had to draw a block diagram (whatever that is) of a RC car
Third station was a hydraulics thingy where we had to measure the water pressure with a constriction in a water pipe
Fourth station was freaking boring. Ever wondered why it takes so long to boil water so you could cook your instant noodels? Because it’s freaking 1 atm. reduce it to 330 mb and the water boils at 71.5 degrees. So there we were waiting till the vapour temp and water temp are the same which would be at 71.5 degrees celcius. Almost fell asleep
Fifth and final station was more fun and creative, we had to create something/ a display piece that goes with the theme: Musical box in an enchanted forest for some NUS event I can’t remember but I remember topping this station. It was manned by students and therefore we kind of hm…sweet talked them into giving us some extra points. What we came up with was an ipod in the middle of some "tribal" dancing students made of wire. It looked pretty good actually…
We came in overall fourth which was a hair’s breadth away from being third and getting a trophy for the school. Shucks…Anyway we got ourselves a $50 borders voucher and a hell lot of free stuff like a soft toy with the words NUS on it and a bag, notebook pencils and stuff. Wonderful day but not so wonderful taking the MRT from clementi back to Simei…
P.S. NUS is parkour haven…must go find parkour buddies in NUS next time. The railings are like begging you to vault them or stuff. Very tempting but I only vaulted one in the entire race because it was freaking in the way…

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