Fruitless day

Today I went to the regatta with a winning mentality, that HIJ girl will finally get a piece of my mind, if the wind conditions are right that is…it was quite a "social" day today with nicole and cynthia racing today. Yay! Finally the whole VJ byte team is here…Them officials screwed the divisions again. Now instead of having the traditional pink, white, brown, white divisions, they have the gold and silver division. Aka. gold = teh 1337s, silver = not so 1337, and if you’re THAT bad you go to bronze = – 1337. Haiz…I’m in Silver div…but there’s only Gold and Silver for byte. Not fair…rah!
Anyway no wind in teh morning so they raised AP flag and it lasted all the way to 1.00pm plus. In the mean time play cards and mug chem. heh heh heh. Always bring a book to read or cards to play cuz morning 99.99% chance got no wind. At around 1+ they lowered the AP flag for bytes. WTFOMFGBBQoneoneone, the wind was still like shitz. Around 3-5 knots. They made us go out!!! Nvm, I left shore with a vengeance. The HIJ girl will PAY!!! (If you don’t know what incurred my wrath, it was because she beat me by an overall 1 point…ONE POINT!!! All because she sailed on tuesday and I didn’t…)
After sailing for abit the wind died, the sea was as smooth as glass…which means no wind!!! Going upwind with no wind is not fun. I was keeping a lookout for that sail number and that face and guess where I found that face? Sitting on a motorboat munching on a piece of bread…SHE’S TAUNTING ME I TELL YOU!!! I’m already damn flustered up and guess what? I see a race official sitting on his motorboat with a shelter above his head to protect him from the sun READING A STORY BOOK WHILE i’M SUFFERING IN ZERO WIND CONDITIONS!!! Then when I’m almost at Keta mark they zoom around in motorboats telling all of us to go back. GO BACK??? ON A RUN??? WTFOMFGBBQ. If I’m dead on closehaul, downwind will be (&^$&$%#*?!*#& I cannot tahan liaoz. I lie down on me boat and let the current bring me back to NSC. And another thing that pissed me off, nobody came to tow me back…Cynthia and Nicole got towed back but I had to pump the sail, rock the boat, skull and so all sorts of otherwise illegal stuff to get the boat moving…
I finally reached shore and AP flag was raised again. It was around 2-3 pm. So we park our bytes on the beach, looked at ppl play sepaktakraw, Opti kids playing dog and bone, skip stones, get hit by sand bombs…all this just to while the time away. We knew we had to go out soon, but HOW SOON? it was around 4+ when they lowered the AP flag. WTFOMFGBBQ…I’m not sailing anymore, it’s (&^#-ing 4 o’clock. I have to go for tuition later, so I refused to sail and unrigged much to the surprise of many other byte sailors…Anyway what’s the point of sailing if that HIF clown isn’t sailing? VENDETTA!
Shitty day, hope tmr will be better…

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