A fruitful day

Sailing regatta today. Actually it started on tuesday but I didn’t go on tuesday and wednesday because got *Ahem chinese remedial (there wasn’t any chinese remedial due to a misunderstanding, my phone sucks, seriously. The sms laoshi gave me was CL tuition tmr it arrived on monday instead of sunday but the date of the sms stated that it was sunday. But i didn’t check so I stupidly went to school to "meet" laoshi…ended up planning my LA essay…) and some photonics elective thingy about quantum mechanics and photons and polarisation. If I pass a diagonally polarised photon which consists of vertical and horizontal parts through a vertical polarisor, what are the chances that it will go through? answer simple right? 50% common sense. BUT there’s a WTFOMFGBBQ lot of working behind it and it pains my head to think of it…
Anyway back to sailing. Finally after all the hard work put in, I made it into the top half or higher midfleet for a more "exaggerated" term… I didn’t count the previous days because I didn’t race and I was instantly dumped with 70 points straight away. yucks…It was a day of light winds. First race supposed to start at 11 am but AP flag was raised (whew, that means race postponed to later). Some taitai with a laptop went to check her lappy and it forecasted winds below 4 knots at East Coast. The hgihest was 4 knots at 8 pm. WTF??? I was half expecting  the officials to call it a day but noooo…they said over the PA,"Ok people listen up, what we’re going to do is to raise the AP flag for Optimist sailors and lower the AP flag for Bytes (that’s my boat class)." I was stunned. Sail? In this wind? It was sail-able but it will take a WTFOMFGBBQ time to get to the marks… Oh wells, it’s going to be a long day…
Race 1.
WTFOMFGBBQ light winds… bloody hard to sail then because it was the first race blur blur abit, almost went on the wrong course, luckily that was this guy who told me that I was going the wrong way…then there was this girl from HIJ (where ever that is) that kept tailing me. She was much lighter than me and she just sailed away on the runs… RAH! Came in 58th place, nubbad still.
Race 2.
Wind starting to pick up, medium wind conditions, hiking was kind of awkward so I just sat as far out as possible. Had a WTFOMFGBBQ start because I got squeezed out of the starting rush of boats. Then while sailing the upwind that HIJ girl showed up again and doing THE EXACT SAME THING! Tailing me is not a good choice because I tail others…Me being in the midfleet always have the advantage of looking at the boats in front and seeing what’s happening to them if they slow down of bear down I do the opposite, if they speed up and point higher I follow their course. Tailing me where ever I go, I tack she tack I pump she pump…but the good thing is…she’s always behind me heh heh heh… Came in 48th place Whoopee!
Race 3.
WTFOMFGBBQ strong winds…I had a good start though it was kinda slightly behind everyone and getting dirty wind, but it cleared up soon enough and I was free to go. Hiking like crazy now, no more sitting on the deck…Guess what? THAT GIRL WAS ON MY TAIL AGAIN!!! SHe started behind me because she got squeezed out like me in the 2nd race and I thought that was the last of her but no…she ended up my tail again…Then I thought WTF…I beared down till both my telltales were flying and zoomed past her…As the author of the Complete Guide to Laser Sailing says,"The one who can keep the boat flat the longest will ultimately win the race." Since she was already dying hiking out when she caught up and I wasn’t…Add more speed, hike out more = victory! And that WAS the last of her, though one of her sneaky HIJ counterparts caught up on the last leg of the race and beat me. RAH! Came in 51st place nubbad…
So averaging everything out I’m 52.33333333333333333 placing out of 138 sailors and that puts me in the top half!!! Wort Wort Wort! Muahahahahahahahahaha! Triumph at last! Heh heh.
Lessons learnt for the day.
1. The course is friggin biased, look for it.
2. Don’t bang corners.
3. Ride as many waves as possible on the run, don’t be lazy or else that HIJ girl will catch up again.
4. Try not to look back so often at the girl tailing you, she’s not covering your wind though she’s quite good looking…heh heh heh.

3 comments on “A fruitful day

  1. Kenny says:

    Gah! How to do the lang firetrucking arts essay????????????

  2. Keith says:

    shhh…DON\’T S|>4MZ0|2

  3. Keith says:

    Gah! How to do the lang fluffyduck arts essay?!?!?!?!?!?!

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