The heart of EMO culture…

I think I know what’s the heart of emo culture. And it’s quite a simple thing. It’s self-centeredness. Everyone has their own problems. We don’t need you to share your problems with everyone. Keep your own problems in your heart where time can fix. Wear your problems on your face and everyone can see it and gets affected. But what causes emo feelings? It’s self-centeredness I say. Which of our physical needs in Singapore are not met? Do we starve? Do we thirst? Do we fall ill and never recover? It is only the persuit of our own selfish goals that lead to despair. Well, it is indeed a wise saying that we will never reach our targets and only to miss it by a hair’s length. So why this struggle? This never ending persuit for personal gain? You’ll never get it and end up feeling useless, wasted, rejected…in other words, feeling emo.
For others, the reason for being emo is not because of their own self-centeredness, but because of other ppl’s EMOness. Those ppl should be stoned and I say to them again, wear your problems inside. These problems are yours alone, please don’t share it around, your EMOness is not appreciated. HOWEVER, this is different from sharing a problem with a friend, or asking for help, by all means go ahead, you can’t spoil someone’s day by sharing your problems or asking for help right? Those EMO clowns on the other hand dangle their problems everywhere and an aura of depression, sadness, uselessness aka EMOness surrounds them. They spoil the cheerful mood of others and drain energy away and pool them in their bottomless pit of sorrow where they live, ironically, at the bottom.
EMOness is not cool. It will destroy you, all that sadness and rubbish will get to your head one day. We all have a character and everyone’s character is unique. If you are able to recognise your character, you’ll appreciate yourself more. EMOness is NOT a character. Be who you want to be, and hopefully it’s not EMO. People have aspirations, dreams, ambitions…Stop denying yourself of your goals just because you WANT to be EMO. Everything you do is a choice, you’ll figure that out sooner or later. So please do yourself and everyone a favour, choose LIFE, not EMO…
One solution to all this emo nonsense that’s going around. Take off your masks, be who you are, who you want to be and you’ll find that life feels much better. As for me? My feelings gravitate around situations and I"m a cross betwenn an optimist and pessimist. I analyse the situation and choose which to be, optimistic or pessimistic. By the way things are going, all this emo culture, the world is going to be a place full of self-centered angst-ridden teens and yes I’m quite pessimistic about this but never emo…

4 comments on “The heart of EMO culture…

  1. Kenny says:

    Buger King(TM)\’s Flame-grilled Whopper(R)!!!

  2. Keith says:

    HEAR HEAR!!! thats some gd stuff you got there. can i quote you?lolxyea, i agree, 3|\\/|0-ness is selfish as it is HIGHLY contagiousbtw…stig…yr as incoherent as jillian(oops i hope she doesn\’t see this =X )

  3. Thomas says:

    READ READ!! it\’s the same |\\|(_)|\\/||35|<(_)|_|_ who complains of ppl spamming on his cbox…

  4. Jillian says:


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