I was at my church’s Youth Gospel Rally and I really wanted to jot down these points before they slip my mind. Please have a read through them and comment.
Sin, the scum of every good thing on this good Earth, which in other words, not good. So sin leads ppl to hell, alright, some ppl can’t see the big picture so we shall paint a smaller picture. Three words: Blind, Bind and Grind.
Sin will blind us, no doubt. We are all too clouded by sin to ever do anything right. Cheating doesn’t matter…only once…Smoking is cool…
Sin will bind us, no doubt. Our sin will tighten its grip on us. Habitual cheating, addiction…
Sin will grind us, no doubt. We will have to pay for our sins. Lung cancer, getting caught and sent to jail…
And if we die as sinners, what happens?
Where do we go?

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